Chaos Legion: Retrovision

Can you remember Chaos Legion? No. Don’t worry you’re not the only one.


Chaos Legion is a hack and slash game by Capcom which was released in 2003 for PlayStation 2 and PC. The game was and could still be compared to Capcom’s other hack and slash title, Devil May Cry.

In Chaos Legion you play as Sieg Wahrheit a young man who is a Knight of the Dark Glyphs. He has the power to summon the Legions of Chaos, a group of seven legions that will help you in combat. Sieg is friends with Victor Delacroix (damn that’s a cool name) who becomes the game’s antagonist after his lover Siela dies and blames Sieg for her death. With Delacroix going rogue, Sieg sets off on a quest to stop him. During his quest Sieg encounters a woman called Arcia who has a grudge against Delacroix for killing her only brother. With the pair having a similar goal they work alongside each other.

I won’t write anymore about the story other than the game is based on a novel of the same name, (I need to read the novel at some point) just in case you are interested in playing it.

chaos legion pic 2
Sieg Wahrheit with the Arrow Legion – aka Malice

I enjoyed the game quite a bit and I loved summoning the legions, it was something different and fresh in the hack and slash genre. There were seven legions and all of them have different type of of attack such as; swords, arrows, bombs and more. Combat wasn’t as fast as Devil May Cry and Shinobi but that was fine, it was trying to carve out its own identity. I liked the character design of Chaos Legion as well, especially Victor Delacroix’s.

The music in Chaos Legion was pretty good especially the end credits theme. It’s not as iconic or as memorable as the Devil May Cry soundtracks (all 4 numbered Devil May Cry titles have great soundtracks) but don’t get the impression that Chaos Legion’s music isn’t good because it is.

Will Chaos Legion get a sequel, reboot or remake? Unfortunately I think Chaos Legion is a “dead” franchise. Chaos Legion wasn’t received well by critics and got mixed reviews. It’s hard to find accurate sales numbers for Chaos Legion but I have a feeling, that it didn’t sell well.

It’s been a hell of a long time since Chaos Legion was released (14 years ago) and since then there have been numerous hack and slash games, some of which were near masterpieces (Looking at Devil May Cry 3 and Bayonetta). I know earlier this year Capcom said that they would like to bring back some of their older franchises however, I don’t think Chaos Legion will be one of them. It’s sad to say that but Capcom has a fantastic catalogue of franchises they haven’t done much with for years. For those wondering I think Capcom may be considering bringing back; Onimusha, Dragon’s Dogma, Rival Schools and Dino Crisis.

With all that said though the game does have a cult following and games that we thought would never happen, have been released (The Last Guardian) or are now in development; Final Fantasy VII Remake, Resident Evil 2 Remake and Shenmue 3.

What I’m getting at is, don’t lose hope but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

6 thoughts on “Chaos Legion: Retrovision

  1. This game kicked my ass repeatedly 😛. I really wanted to like it at the time (mainly due to how much I enjoyed devil may cry), but just couldn’t progress… Was it hard, or was I just bad?? 🤔


    1. Chaos Legion was hard, not as hard as Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi but it was still difficult. I completed Chaos Legion a few times but never on the hardest difficulty.
      I think the reason as to why we never got a sequel to the game, was because of Devil May Cry. DMC played better and had a better cast. Not only that, any hack and slash game on PS2 was then outclassed by the superb Devil May Cry 3

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