I Got Nominated For The Unique Blogger Award

My first blogging award


Last week I came down with the flu and it was horrible. I don’t get sick often but when I do it hits me like a truck. So when I got nominated for the Unique Blogger Award by Hundstrasse, my spirits were lifted and I felt a little bit better. So thank you Hundstrasse for nominating me for the Unique Blogger Award and making me feel a little better.

What does Hundstrasse write about? He writes about video games, both old and new. His work is very good and is always worth taking time out of my day to read the content he posts. If you haven’t checked Hundstrasse out, you should.


Here are the rules: 

  • Display the award.
  • Thank the individual(s) who have nominated you and include a link to their blog. A little promotion for their blog is also welcome.
  • Answer the questions asked by the individual who has nominated you.
  • Nominate an arbitrary number of bloggers and have them answer three questions you put forth to them.


Here are the questions I was asked.

  1. Which game characters outfit do you wish that you could legitimately wear? (I’ve already said somewhere that I’d go with Link’s Barbarian ensemble)
  2. You wake up one day and ARGH! You’re Luigi! … even worse, it’s Mario’s Birthday! What do you buy him as a present?
  3. Grashelumping is a word I just made up, what does it mean? (ok, I’ve done a similar question before, but I really like it!)


My answers

  1. Easy question. I’d like to dress up as Dante from Devil May Cry. The red trench coat, the Rebellion sword and the Ebony and Ivory guns. Ever since I played the first Devil May Cry game I have always liked Dante’s outfit.
  2. I’m going to go with a fantasy choice here. If I was Luigi and I had to get Mario a birthday present, I would get him a Nintendo Switch with a copy of… Mario Kart Double Dash 2.  I can dream of Double Dash 2. LET ME DREAM!
  3. Grashelumping? I swear I’ve heard this word on an episode of Red Dwarf. I’m pretty sure that this was a term that Kryten came up with to describe Arnold J Rimmer.


I’m going to nominate a few people and their sites. I apologise if you have already been nominated for the Unique Blogger Award recently but you have awesome sites and  people should go to them.

The Gaming Diaries


Retro Redress


LightningEllen’s Release


The Questions

  1. You’re in trouble and need backup. Which video game character would call for help?
  2. What is your favourite fighting game?
  3. Who is your favourite content creator on YouTube and why?


I would go on about what to expect in January and in the future but a recent piece I did celebrating a year of That Green Dude does it perfectly. There is something I am quite looking forward to and that is Later Levels‘ response to my post, Do You Miss Cheat and Cheat Codes? If anyone else wants to give an answer to the question then please do. I want to know what you think about cheats and cheat codes.

Also I kicked the flu’s ass and now I am feeling much better now. Normal service shall resume.


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19 thoughts on “I Got Nominated For The Unique Blogger Award

    1. No problem:)
      I’m starting to think that I have actually heard the word in Red Dwarf so I’m going to rewatch every episode to see if “Grashelumping” is said. I don’t need a reason to watch Red Dwarf over and over but I have one now. 😁

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  1. Thanks for the nomination! I’ve recently been nominated and posted about the Unique Blogger Award, but I want to answer the questions anyway, because I appreciate the shout out!

    You’re in trouble and need backup. Which video game character would call for help?

    Probably Batman 🙂 Nah, I’d go with Mario – he’s got the experience, the back up and I’m sure Super Mario 3D Universe: Saving Retro Redress From His Own Stupidity would be another classic game!

    What is your favourite fighting game?

    Everyone’s been tweeting about Virtua Fighter today, so I’m gonna go with that. I’ve been pining for a sequel for a while…;oved the Arcade Quest mode, where you travel the Sega arcades challenging other arcade players!

    Who is your favourite content creator on YouTube and why?

    Probably a tie between Cinemassacre and Botchamania. I don’t really watch YouTube content much, I’d rather read a blog post!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you – I love Botchamania and AVGN and often quote them to myself for no reason. The recent Simpsons Botchamania endings have been brilliant…

        I only really played Virtua Fighter 4 and 5 but got obsessed with them. Not many games let you play dress up then suplex someone on their head!

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      2. Whenever something goes wrong in wrestling I say Botchmania without hesitation. It’s become the norm.😁

        You can customise characters in Tekken and throw them around.
        However Virtua Fighter is a much tighter fighting game (and that is coming from someone who loves Tekken). Hit boxes are very good in VF.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I think most fans do now – you’re right, it’s the norm!

        Agree on the Virtua Fighter hitboxes, you really need to time and land moves properly. No spamming, you always get caught if you try it!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You’re right about Virtua Fighter. Button mashing does not work at all and those doing so will get defeated easily. Virtua Fighter rewards time and skill massively. It’s one of the reasons why people love the series so much.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Agreed! I learned so many of Wolf Hawking’s wrestling moves and it was a thrill to use them. Learning when to use them and when not to, so you don’t get countered….


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