Can We Look At This Goofy Looking Kingdom Hearts Figure

Sora looks different. Did he do something with his hair?

Most video games have merchandise and in 2018 there is more video game merch and collectables than ever before. Kingdom Hearts has always had merchandise but in the past few years we’ve seen more figurines, manga, badges, soundtracks and even Pop Vinyls. I expect even more collectable stuff to be released or announced on the run-up to Kingdom Hearts III.

Merchandise is awesome, some look amazing and some make you scratch your head and ask the question, how did this get the okay to be put on the shelf? The Kingdom Hearts figurine I am writing about today, is the latter. I honestly do not know how someone thought that this look good enough to be sold but here we are.

Sora! Are you ok? Your face looks kinda, off.

That picture above is a Kingdom Hearts Mini Domez. I got it last year just out of curiosity to see if they had improved upon them as I saw the announcement a month or so prior. You don’t know which one you get, it’s effectively a lucky dip (real life RNG!). So I chose a bag at random and I got Sora and something is a bit off. Look at his face.

I’ve seen worse merchandise but my god, look at his face.

The figurine would be great but Sora’s face looks funky, weird and just not right. The body and the hair are great but again, that face is goofy and brings the quality of figure down. Seriously though, Sora’s face on this figurine is nightmare inducing.

Sora isn’t the only Kingdom Hearts Domez figure, there’s also Roxas, Donald, Mickey Mouse, a Shadow Heartless and more. I quite like the Shadow Heartless and Goofy Domez and I’m now considering getting some more, in the hope that I will get them. If you are Kingdom Hearts fan and want to collect these, they are still being sold.

The Kingdom Hearts Domez. Image Source – KH Insider


Now I shall leave you with one final picture. LOOK INTO SORA’S EYES!!! LOOK AT HIS FACE!!!


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6 thoughts on “Can We Look At This Goofy Looking Kingdom Hearts Figure

  1. Oh my no way!! I bought one of those blind bags the just other week on a whim and got Sora too! And he sports EXACTLY the same level of goofiness as yours (don’t you think they look kind of cool on the packet?) I think the thing that gets me the most is his just-off-centre eyes.

    Great to see another KH fan! 😀

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