That Green Dude – June 2018 Overview

A record breaking month

TGD June 2018 Overview

June was a very good month for my website, That Green Dude and myself. Let’s start off with talking about That Green Dude first.

June broke several records for my site, I had the most visitors and views I’ve ever had in a single month and the amount of interaction with people whether it be here on WordPress or on Twitter increased immensely. To further cement how good June was for my site, the amount of views and visitors I got was around three-quarters of what my site got for the entirety of last year.

The success of my site throughout June is thanks to several things such as E3, my E3 bingo cards being shared all over the world (a big thanks for that) and that I was at the top of the Google search list when people looked up Virtua Fighter 6. Also my Virtua Fighter 6 piece hit 1500 views a few days ago.

As for me I have been doing brilliantly, well except for the last few days as this heatwave in the UK is kicking my ass. I’ve finally got back into writing my book (slowly but surely, it will be done).  I’ve been going on my skateboard more and I am slowly picking it back up. I not doing any crazy stunts on my board just yet, I ain’t no Tony Hawk. I’ve also hit a another milestone with my weight loss and if I can keep going at the rate I have been, I will be at my desired weight level by the end of the year.


 Enough of me though, below is a list of what I wrote for That Green Dude in June:


What to expect on That Green Dude in July:

Before I get into this list I want to say that my output this month may be less than usual as I may be having a more permanent writing job soon that also pays a little bit. I do freelance writing and whilst I do enjoy it, I want something more solid and secure. This writing gig that I may be getting soon is a step towards that. Don’t worry, I won’t stop writing on here. The community here is amazing and I have made many amazing friends thanks to blogging.


Yu-Gi-Oh Cards


I’ve got a small piece in the works where I show off a small amount of my Yu-Gi-Oh card collection. This piece is pretty much done and will be posted later on tonight.


A few questions

Question of the Month Villains

I have a couple of questions that I want to ask gamers and the WordPress community. One of questions I will be asking is a funny one which is sure to make people laugh. The other two questions are more grounded and I hope will spark an interesting discussion. Please look forward to them.


A list about Saints Row

Saints Row 2 poster
Image Source: Amazon

Saints Row is a fantastic series and the first two games are something special and are very near and dear to my heart. The series is very popular and I don’t think developer Volition will let the franchise fade away as it’s a money-maker. Volition has now made every Saints Row game backwards compatible and I think there’s something behind this (yes, I am wearing my tin foil hat). Could Saints Row 5 be in the works? I hope Volition are working on a fifth entry because I love the series. My list will be about five things I want to see in Saints Row 5.


A Tale of Seasons – Preview


If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me talking about a game called “A Tale of Seasons”. The game is made by a group of awesome people and one of the people involved in the development of it is my good friend Casey. I was going to do a preview last month but writing about E3 and this heatwave destroying me got in the way. I have played the game again so I can do my preview and I will more than likely play it again just in case there was anything that I missed.

My friend Casey is a cool dude and loves retro games and Sega. Follow him on Twitter – @SEGApit. He also has a YouTube channel called SEGA PIT. He makes some good Sega related content.


That’s it ladies and gentlemen. I hope you’ve had a good a June and for those living in the UK and have not melted yet, stay cool. I suggest sitting in a freezer for two minutes or an ice bath.

I hope everyone has a good July.


If you want to talk about video games or you want to have a bit of a moan about how hot it is in the UK, then tweet me – @ThatGreenDude95

3 thoughts on “That Green Dude – June 2018 Overview

  1. Congratulations dude! I hope you continue to get more and more views/followers/comments and that stuff :). My views are in the toilet because of my lack of writing lately. Real life sucks and kept me from doing what I love. I’m back (finally) and can start writing regularly again.

    Nice numbers on that Virtual Fighter 5 post dude. It’s always a great feeling when something you write blows up like that :). My old Skyrim sex article is still getting hits almost 3 years later. Last time I checked the numbers it was around 65k.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. 🙂

      July is a bit quieter (to be expected) but it’s still been a strong month so far and I haven’t written much this month due to real llife things. I’ll be posting at least one piece by the end of the week, it’s my 100th post on my site.

      The Virtua Fighter article is still going strong and I think the views will go up again next month when the EVO Tournament starts. 65K views is crazy good. I hope to get those kind of views eventually.

      Also welcome back to writing. I can’t wait to read what you post next! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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