7 Games From the 7th Generation You’ve got to try #2

Last year I did a piece about why you should try out several games from the previous generation and it did rather well. The sequel to that piece is long overdue, so it’s time for 7 more games from the seventh generation you’ve got to try.


7. Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

The first Kane and Lynch game was a gritty third-person shooter and whilst it had its fun moments it also had its fair share of problems. It’s sequel Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days continued with the main characters from the last game and retained that gritty feel.

Whilst Kane and Lynch 2 has better gameplay mechanics, is less clunky to play and tells a better story; the best thing is the camera. I know it sounds weird but the camera works as if a cameraman is following them and their exploits. There’s some weird visual effects and lens flare.

I like both Kane and Lynch games (opinion is greatly divided on the first title) but the reason why this is on the list is that it has a unique feel, largely thanks to the camera. I haven’t played a third-person shooter like Dog Days since and I don’t think I will ever again.


6. Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno is a great hack and slash adventure that with brutal combat and pretty darn cool story. I recommend this game wholeheartedly as it doesn’t get enough love.

You’ve probably heard this game be called “multi-platform God of War” (not God of War PS4) and it’s understandable why that is. The combat feels like God of War and so does the level design. If you’ve played the older God of War games then try this you’ll get what I mean. This game is a lot of fun but I do have to mention this game’s camera which varies functional to nightmarish. If you can tolerate this game’s camera, you’ll enjoy Dante’s Inferno.

I’d love a sequel but it will never happen as EA owns the IP (as far as I know anyway and the developer of this Visceral Games was shut down in 2018. So with that sad reality in mind, play Dante’s Inferno, a great game by the very talented and much-missed studio.


5. The Godfather

Video game adaptations of movies are a mixed bag, they are usually forgettable but every so often one will release and it’s an absolute belter, The Godfather is one of them. It follows the story of the film and it even has actual scenes of the film scattered throughout, a nice and very welcome addition.

The gameplay is rather good, it’s aged a bit since but it is still very enjoyable. It’s an open-world game and it has plenty of stuff to do. You have plenty of main missions and a decent amount of side content that’s quite fun to do. One thing I do like about the game is that if you are wanted by the law you can go to a crooked cop and pay him to have your notoriety wiped away.

Don’t dismiss this game because it’s an adaptation of a movie (a phenomenal movie IMO) because you’ll be missing out on a really fun and entertaining game.


4. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

There aren’t many games set during the Wild West era, unlike films of which there are many of. There’s also only a small number of “Western” games that are genuinely very good. I could go with the obvious choice and say Red Dead Redemption. However, I’m going with another, an underrated first-person shooter with a good story about the complex relationship of two brothers; Call of Juarez Bound in Blood.

The gameplay is on point, bolt action rifles have a kick to them and shotguns have good recoil. All of the guns in the game feel like they have an impact and that is a very good thing. Bound in Blood also features a cover system that actually works rather well.

It’s been some years since I played Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood but I seriously cannot recommend this game enough. If you like first-person shooters and the Wild West setting then Bound in Blood is a game you need to play.


3. The King of Fighters XIII

Arguably the best fighting game of the seventh generation and one of the best entries in the King of Fighters series. If you want a gorgeous looking 2D fighting game, KoF XIII is for you. If you want a fighting game with complex, engaging and fun to learn mechanics; KoF XIII is for you.

I’ve played many KoF games before XIII but I first played this when I was 16 and at that age, I could understand all of KoF’s mechanics much better. It’s the KoF that turned me from an admirer of the series to a fan.

The King of Fighters XIII is a phenomenal fighting game and it still holds up incredibly well today. If you want to play one of the best 2D fighting games ever made, look no further than KoF XIII.


2. Vanquish

If there was ever an award for most unique third-person shooter and action game, the award would go to Vanquish, hands down. Vanquish is slick, stylish and most of all incredibly fun.

The story for Vanquish is okay, it isn’t going to get any awards but it’s decent enough and has plenty of cool moments. Where the game truly shines is its game, Vanquish is ALL about the gameplay. The developer Platinum Games are masters of fast, intense, fun and entertaining gameplay.

The shooting is good and the boosting mechanic increases the speed of what is already a very fast action game. The main character Sam Gideon wears an Augmented Reaction Suit. The suit allows you to slow down time, increasing your reflexes and allows you to target enemies. I love the AR suit, not only does it do cool things but it looks awesome.

If you want one of the fast and best action games ever made, play Vanquish. If you want fun and I mean a really goddamn fun game, play Vanquish


1. Binary Domain

When you look up a list of the best third-person shooter games, you will most definitely see Gears of War. One name you more than likely won’t see is Binary Domain, a shooter by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios (yes, the makers of the Yakuza series).

When a studio breaks from the mould of what they are used to and are known for, it doesn’t always go plan but for RGG Studios, it did. Several people including myself rank Binary Domain as one of the best third-person shooters of all time and for good reason.

The gameplay is fluid and the gunplay feels really good. The story is fantastic which is to be expected from RGG Studios who are prolific storytellers. The enemies are really cool even though they are just robots. They look cool and not only that, they are tenacious bastards too. Shoot their leg off and the crawl after you and then leap and explode. Shoot their arm off and they’ll shoot the gun with one arm. It’s really cool as even the basic robots are a threat.

The only thing that didn’t go to plan with Binary Domain was it not getting a huge amount of attention. The game just flew under the radar for many and it sucks because this game is brilliant. If you want to play a great third-person shooter that isn’t Gears of War, Binary Domain will cure that itch.


There you are, seven games from the seventh generation you have got to try. I’ll be doing another entry in this series soon, where you’ll find more games from the seventh generation you have to try.

2 thoughts on “7 Games From the 7th Generation You’ve got to try #2

  1. I’ve played Dante’s Infernot, Bound in Blood, and Vanquish. It’s funny, everyone raves about Vanquish and despite really enjoying third person shooters, it does nothing for me. Binary Domain is one I’ve meant to play for years now but just haven’t ever gotten to.

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    1. I think the thing with Vanquish is that is that it’s the speed of the game and the Platinum Games flair that gets people including myself raving about it.

      Binary Domain is incredible, I cannot stress how good it is, especially for a first attempt at a third-person shooter. Considering RGG Studios has remastered Yakuza 3, 4 and 5. I hope that Binary Domain gets the same treatment. More people need to play it.


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