Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition – Showcase

Plus some other Final Fantasy XV Merchandise


In 2016 we finally got Final Fantasy XV (formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus 13) after many years in development hell. The game was re-branded as Final Fantasy XV in 2012 and was effectively rebuilt. I could write an entire piece about Final Fantasy XV’s turbulent development but that is a topic for another day.

At the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event Square Enix announced several things about FF XV and one of them was the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition. It looked stunning but it came at a nice price, £189.99 to be exact. A lot of money I know. Only 30,000 were to be made and lo and behold they all sold out within an hour. There was no chance of me getting one. That was until they said that they would make 10,000 more because of how fast they sold and because of scalpers (another topic for another day).

I was lucky enough to get one of the Final Fantasy XV UCE’s from this batch. I have never pressed F5 so much in my life. I pressed F5 more times than Brock Lesnar has done the F5 move. Realisation soon hit though, I just spent £189.99 on a collector’s edition of a game. My poor wallet.

Anyway I’m going to stop rambling now and show you pictures of my Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

There’s something in this box.
It’s another box!
The Noctis Play Arts Kai Variant figure.
This is what is inside the other box.
I’ll do another post where I will show off the book. It is fantastic.
Final Fantasy XV postcards.
The Final Fantasy XV Collector’s Edition Official Guide. This was not part of the UCE. The guide is awesome and contains some cool artwork.
Final Fantasy XV Lithograph.
Moogle Munch. Chilli and Lemon flavour. They aren’t very nice. Moogles have weird taste.




There you have it. My Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition plus some other FF XV merchandise.


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