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Hello and welcome to Resident Evil Memories, a huge collaboration project that is intended to celebrate all things Resident Evil. As the release of the highly anticipated, Resident Evil 2 remake is nearing, this is a great time to talk about the beloved survival horror franchise.

The aim of this project is to bring together Resident Evil Fans from all over the world and for us to share our experiences and memories of the series. Anyone who is a Resident Evil fan can get involved.

If you want to get involved, click here to find out more about the project and how you can contribute.



I wrote about the Resident Evil remake (PS4 version) earlier this year. It had been several years since I last played it and it was better than I remembered.

I’ve Been Playing Resident Evil Remake



The fantastic Kim from Later Levels wrote a fantastic piece about Resident Evil VII (7) last year.

Resident Evil 7: ‘fleshing’ out a story

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The awesome Van Rockingham from Games Revisited rated Resident Evil’s ‘one-off’ monsters before I announced my Resident Evil Memories project. It’s a great read and in my opinion, uses one of the best scoring systems, the Barry-o-meter.

Resident Evil’s most one-off monsters!

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Awesome blogger, Drakulus, gave his opinions on each of the main entries of the Resident Evil series by rating them. The game that takes the number 1 spot is sure to surprise people.

The Best Resident Evil Games Ranked From Worst To Best

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Fellow blogger and Resident Evil fan Hundstrasse, has written about the spin-off game Resident Evil Survivor. He writes about how the game had potential to be something good but it was all executed poorly, “a missed opportunity”.

Weird Retro Mumblings: Resident Evil Survivor – A Missed Opportunity

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The fantastic Shoot the Rookie started a new monthly feature where she talks about her favourite video game series and the first part is about Resident Evil. Her favourite instalment is Resident Evil 4.

My Favourite Series, part 1: Resident Evil

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RE Movie

Fellow blogger and FFXIII fan Ellen from Livid Lightning wrote about her history with the Resident Evil series and it all started with the movies.

Ah!! The Belated Resident Evil Memories…

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