QotM – What Is The Best Video Game Crossover?

Hello everyone! I saw the post by Later Levels about the Question of the Month and I immediately had an answer for it. The question is set by fellow blogger and gamer Hundstrasse and it is What is the best video game crossover and why?


My answer –

Kingdom Hearts


Kingdom Hearts is one of my favourite video game series and it has one of the most unlikely crossovers regardless in video games, Disney and Final Fantasy. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during the planning and pitching of Kingdom Hearts because the combination of Disney and Final Fantasy is so weird and unexpected. I think the best thing about the crossover is that it worked and worked phenomenally. The Kingdom Hearts series is extremely successful. The series has several games with the long-awaited third mainline instalment coming later this year. (I can’t wait for it).

Aside from the things I stated above, there is another reason why I think that Kingdom Hearts is the best crossover and that is the fateful meeting that happened between series producer Shinji Hashimoto and a Disney executive. The meeting happened in an elevator in an office building that both Disney and at Squaresoft (now Square Enix) occupied. During that elevator ride, Hashimoto pitched an idea to the executive and that idea was Kingdom Hearts.

Looking at Kingdom Hearts now, it is hard to think that a pitch for the series happened during the duration of an elevator ride given how convoluted the narrative is now (it gives Metal Gear a run for its money).


I’ve written about Kingdom Hearts a few times here on my site. (Yes I am shilling my pieces. *Cue Game of Thrones* Shame. Shame.)

Video Game Poetry #1 – Kingdom Hearts

My Kingdom Hearts memories (Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary)


What do you think is the best video game crossover? You have until the end of March to give your answer.

Also what do you think about the Kingdom Hearts series? I’m curious to hear everyone’s opinions about the series.

8 thoughts on “QotM – What Is The Best Video Game Crossover?

  1. I played the first Kingdom Hearts game a while ago. Got about half way through it before putting it down and forgetting about it. No real reasons other than lack of that time thing, haha. It’s a series I want to get into again, someday! Great answer.

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    1. Thanks. 🙂

      Best way to get back into Kingdom Hearts now is by getting the 1.5 & 2.5 HD remix collections and 2.8 remix. Weird numbering aside those collections will give you all the story you need ready for Kingdom Hearts 3.

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  2. I knew right away somebody would take Kingdom Hearts as their choice for the crossover and why not? It’s one of the most memorable games that got a great story with some amazing characters. Still to this day do I remember standing in line when the first game came out, man the enormous fighting sequence in Kingdom Hearts 2, the three structured story of Birth By Sleep, the weird yet intriguing card mechanic of Chained Memories.

    There is a lot to this game that I love and enjoy, which is also why I look so much forward to Kingdom Hearts 3 when it eventually comes out in either late 2018 or somewhere in 2019.
    All that aside, quite the answer you’ve made with this mate. I really enjoyed reading about it and can see this give the other contenders a run for their money.

    Stay Cozy!

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