QOTM – The Most Adaptable Villain

It’s about time that the villains win

Question of the Month Villains
It’s time for the Question of the Month!

It’s that time once again where I answer the Question of the Month. Last month I won the QotM which was fantastic and I hope to make it two in a row. The question this month comes from Luna from GamersUnitedGG. Take time out of your day to read her content. What’s the question for this month?

You are a new villain trying to make a name for yourself so you have decided to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Green Hill Zone and Hyrule. Who are you and how will you defeat each hero and take over?

I so wish I could be an existing villain as I have the perfect bad guy in mind. The villain I was thinking of is Marvel Comics’, Galactus. Galactus consumes planets in order to live and has earned the title “Devourer of Worlds”. Galactus could just go to each of the worlds in the question and consume them. None of the heroes within those worlds could even scratch Galactus. So, if you want a villain that will get the job done, call Galactus.

Galactus – “Devourer of Worlds”. Image Source: Wikipedia

The Question of the Month says that I am a “new villain” who is trying to make a name for myself. I have to come up with my own villain. I could take over the worlds slow and methodically or I could leave a trail of bloodshed in each realm.

I have come up with a villain and I think that he’s pretty cool. I introduce you to¬† “The Conformer”.



I know the name might not sound exciting but what he can do is brilliant. The Conformer can go to different worlds and no matter how hazardous the conditions are, he will conform to them and he will survive. This means that The Conformer can survive the harshest of climates.

It isn’t just worlds and their climates that The Conformer can conform to, he can also do the same to people. What I mean by this, is that The Conformer can become the heroes of the worlds in question and learn their strengths and weaknesses. The Conformer can take this knowledge and use it when battling Link, Mario and Sonic. No matter what the valiant heroes do, they won’t be able to beat him as he will know them inside out. He would have adapted to their strengths and become resistant to them. He would know their weaknesses and will use them in the fights against the brave heroes.

Link, Mario and Sonic could never beat the conformer. Sure they would do their best but it will not be enough. In the end, The Conformer will reign supreme.


If you want to have a go yourself, there are few days left to answer the Question of the Month. Click here to find out more about it.


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