Zombie Army 4 Collector’s Edition Unboxing



Zombie Army 4: Dead War is out now and it is a lot of fun.I’ve put in nearly 10 hours into Zombie Army 4 and I have loved every blood-filled, zombie killing minute. I got the collector’s edition of the game and it comes with a bunch of cool things. I’ve pulled myself away from shooting zombies for a bit to show off the collector’s edition for Zombie Army 4.


The front, back, sides and top of the collector’s edition box.


The collector’s box has a cool design.


The side of the game and book holder has a cool looking pentagram.


The steelbook case. The steelbook has an incredible design. One of my favourite steelbook cases.




The artbook of Zombie Army 4.


The inside of the artbook.


Zombie Shark box.




Zombie Shark in the protective plastic.


Zombie Shark figurine.





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