Why do we blog?

Writing all the way


I’ve been writing on my blog, That Green Dude, for just over 3 years now and I’ve loved doing it. The start of my blog was slow but over time it has grown into a really cool place. Here I can write about video games and various other things and have great discussions with fellow writers.

Over the past three years, I have talked with many bloggers who are now great friends. I have built a small and still growing community that likes to talk about video games and occasionally, professional wrestling.

After writing on my blog for so long I’ve begun to ask myself a question, one I think is very important for myself and for the growth of That Green Dude. The question I ask myself is, why do I blog?


There are several reasons why I blog, one of them is that That Green Dude allows me to have a voice online. This site allows me to write about whatever I want and to share more detailed thoughts on video games. Twitter is limited to a couple hundred characters per tweet and it isn’t the best place to go into detail when talking about video games (or anything for that matter).

Another reason is that I wanted a place where I can write exactly what I want when I want without any restrictions. I have written for numerous websites but I have to write what they want/ need. My blog allows me to have complete creative control and I can allow more of my personality to shine through here.

One of the biggest reasons I blog is because it has and is still helping me build up the confidence to eventually expand into live streaming and video creation. My blog has helped me immensely with my confidence to make content online and without it, I don’t think I would be going into other areas of content creation.



I have given a few reasons as to why I blog so the question I have for fellow bloggers is, why do you blog?

Your response can be a reply in the comments, a tweet or a blog post. No need to worry about hitting a word count, go with whatever you feel comfortable with. I look forward to seeing why people blog! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Why do we blog?

  1. Interesting topic to discuss. For me personally the foundations were in a group based project of which I would focus on the written content. This has now become its own outlet of my creative endeavours and expanded from my original remit. Would still like to do a joint venture at some point but for now where I can share my musings.

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  2. Interesting post. For me, blogging is a way to express my passion for writing. I love both formal and creative writing and blogging gives me a platform on which to share this.


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