My Dragon Quest Builders Review

Dragon Quest Builders surprised me.

Last year I got to review Dragon Quest Builders, a game that I was looking forward to playing. (My family and friends know that I like the Dragon Quest series quite a bit)

I was expecting Dragon Quest Builders to be a fun, cheerful and small adventure and to be a Minecraft style game with a Dragon Quest skin on. I was wrong, very wrong . The game was fun and cheerful but it isn’t small, it’s huge and is packed full of content and is most certainly not a Minecraft clone.

The game is set in the same area as the original Dragon Quest (of which I still need to get and play) and you are tasked with rebuilding Alefgard to its former glory. As I mentioned in the review, the story is one of the game’s strongest elements and people who have played the first Dragon Quest game will appreciate it a bit more.

The gameplay was great, building cities was a lot of fun and it had an almost Dark Cloud feel to it. What I mean by that is, people will ask you to build things for them to make them happy and as you build the city, people will start to join and live there.

Now the game isn’t perfect, no game is. The game’s combat isn’t very in-depth and the lack of a lock on, can be annoying when fighting certain enemies.

However game is very good and was one of the biggest gaming surprises of last year in my opinion.

Read my review of Dragon Quest Builders here.

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