Dragon Quest XI is getting localised!!!

Also Dragon Quest Builders 2 has been announced

Now is great time to be a Dragon Quest fan.

So to say that the gaming world has pleased me greatly these past few weeks, would be an understatement. A Toy Story world was revealed for Kingdom Hearts 3 (Toy Story is my favourite Disney movie). We got actually got a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3, which is my most anticipated game and one I have been waiting millenia for. Then we got some Dynasty Warriors 9 gameplay which looks lovely.

Then the Dragon Quest series decides to join in announcing good stuff by announcing that Dragon Quest XI is getting localised. The game over here will be called Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. I think it was a given that we would get Dragon Quest XI over here, it was just a matter of when. We know that the game is coming out in 2018 and that is releasing on PS4. I watched the announcement video on PlayStation’s official YouTube Channel, so a PS4 release is practically confirmed. However we don’t know about the 3DS and Switch versions of the game. I hope they do make it over, for all the Dragon Quest fans over here that have Nintendo systems. So 3DS and Switch owners, don’t lose hope and keep your chin up.

Combat in Dragon Quest XI is turn-based. That will surely please a lot of people (myself included).

Now let’s talk a little bit about how the PS4 version of Dragon Quest XI looks, as that’s the version I’ll be getting. The game is beautiful, Akira Toriyama’s art style beams through vibrantly on the PS4. The characters look great and the world looks absolutely serene. Honestly, I kind of want to live there. Even the monsters look great and look at the slime in the picture above. Who doesn’t want a slime as a pet, they’re bloody adorable.

The world looks idyllic


If you thought the localization announcement of Dragon Quest XI was enough, Square Enix announced that a Dragon Quest Builders 2 is in development. No localisation announcement as of yet but given how well received the first game was, I think that it’s a safe bet that Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be brought over. We got to see some gameplay and it looks wonderful and it has co-op. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is releasing sometime next year for PS4 and Switch. Shill time, if you haven’t played the first Dragon Quest Builders, why don’t you read my review of it that I did for Gamereactor.

Dragon Quest Builders was one of the best games I played in 2016, so I’m hyped for the sequel.


2018 looks like it will be another great year of video games. We have; Dynasty Warriors 9, Metro Exodus, Yakuza 6, Kingdom Hearts 3, Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age all releasing sometime next year. It’s a pretty damn good time to be a gamer.

Are you looking forward to Dragon Quest XI? Let me know in the comments or tell me on Twitter @ThatGreenDude95

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