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Hello to all the people who read my blog, you’re all wonderful (insert Broken Matt Hardy gif here). Again sorry for the hiatus but now I think I might have a schedule that works best for me. Now on to the main chunk of the post.

In my previous post I mentioned that I wanted to make videos and I have. My video channel name is BranDuck and so far, I have uploaded two videos with more recorded waiting to be edited. Also I now have a pad of ideas for videos which is cool but, now I have to get around to implementing these ideas.

If you read my previous post, you’ll know what I’m making videos on but for those that haven’t, I’ll tell you now. My videos will be about video games, Martial Arts movies and Asian Cinema.

I have to say I love making videos, even editing. I am re-learning what I know about editing and I’m nearly back to where I was in terms of my knowledge in video editing. I love the amount of creativity that flows through my head when I’m making videos and when I’m editing. Sometimes the amount of creativity that is bouncing around in my head can be distracting but I don’t mind because I’m having a blast.

Now I mentioned earlier  that I worked out some sort of schedule and whilst I have, I’m not going to post it as it isn’t final. However the schedule that I’m working on, allows me to make videos and write at least one thing on here a week. If I can write more, I will as I love writing about video games just as much as I do making videos.

Don’t think I forgot about the links to my video channels, here they are –

YouTube – BranDuck

Vidme – BranDuck

I can’t say what my next written piece or video will be but please look forward to it.

Again I want to say thanks, to everyone that reads this blog/ site. I honestly didn’t think many people would read my stuff, how wrong I was. Thank you very much, you make this slightly insane guy happy.

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One thought on “My video channels

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