Creative Christmas: A Special Christmas Present Under The Tree

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7th Question –

Your help must have worked, because it’s now Christmas morning and presents are under the tree! There’s a fancy box with your name on it; which gaming-related item are you hoping is inside?


Many that know me personally would say that my answer to this question, would be Kingdom Hearts 3. Whilst Kingdom Hearts 3 is something I desperately need (yes, need. Not want.), it isn’t what I would want under the tree. Kingdom Hearts 3 is releasing next year (hopefully) so at least we know it’s coming.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled World
Kingdom Hearts is coming in 2018. Hopefully.

The game I want under the tree, is Dark Cloud 3. I have wanted a sequel to Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2 is some regions) since 2003. A year passed, nothing. Two years pass, nothing. 5 years pass, nothing. 10 years pass, again nothing. 2017 marks 14 years since Dark Chronicle was released and we still have no third instalment in the series.

It’s been too long, way too long since Dark Chronicle. If I had to sell one of my kidneys for Dark Cloud 3 to happen, I would.

Dark Cloud is a JRPG developed by Level 5 that released in 2001. The sequel Dark Chronicle released in 2003. Level 5 have also developed, Ni No Kuni, Professor Layton and Yo Kai Watch. In Dark Cloud you go to several areas, explore their dungeons and defeat the enemies within them. Dark Cloud however comes with a really cool spin of its own, you can rebuild the villages/ areas. As you work your way through the dungeons you will come across Atla or Geostones if you are playing Dark Chronicle. These contain elements related to the area you are in, these can range from; trees, rivers, houses and people.

The Georama mode allows you to build the village using the elements that you have acquired. You can build the area to your liking but there are requirements that have to be fulfilled. The city building feature is present in both Dark Cloud games but it is more in-depth in Dark Chronicle. The best thing about the Georama mode though, is that is easy to understand and get into.

As a kid, the city building feature blew my mind. I loved bringing the villages and towns back to life, it was an awesome way to show game progression whilst it being central to the game and its story.

Dark Chronicle’s Georama Mode.

Given the recent news that Level 5 are working on a “major” title, my hope for Dark Cloud 3 has been reinvigorated.

If Dark Cloud 3 was under the Christmas Tree, you wouldn’t make my Christmas, you’d make my year.


What video game present would you like to appear under the tree? Let me know in the comments below.

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I hope you have all had a great Christmas!

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