Creative Christmas: My Christmas Dinner Menu

This post is part of a Christmas collaboration event created by Later Levels. If you’re interested about the event click here.


8th Question –

It’s now time to head out to the kitchen to put on your oven gloves and start preparing Christmas dinner. It consists solely of video game food; what’s on the menu?


I’ve decided I would do a menu for the entire festive season instead of just for Christmas dinner. I’m bending the rules a little bit.

My menu for the festive season is 90% Final Fantasy XV related but there will be offerings related to other games such as, Kingdom Hearts and Saints Row. The food may not be “Christmassy” but it will be delicious. Rather than for me to waffle on (hmm, waffles), here is what is on the menu during the festive season at the Video Game Café.

(Some items on the menu do not have pictures)


Video Game Café 



Starters –

FINAL FANTASY XV_20161130183538
Toasty Rice Balls – Final Fantasy XV
FINAL FANTASY XV_20161216021441
Roti and Curry Plate – Final Fantasy XV
FINAL FANTASY XV_20161216020540
Multi-Meat Sandwich – Final Fantasy XV


Main Course – 

FINAL FANTASY XV_20161223173445
King’s Stew – Final Fantasy XV
FINAL FANTASY XV_20161210021532
Toadsteak Drumsticks – Final Fantasy XV
FINAL FANTASY XV_20161216025533
Three-Mushroom Kebabs – Final Fantasy XV
FINAL FANTASY XV_20161223182041
Anointed Allural Sea Bass = Final Fantasy XV
FINAL FANTASY XV_20161213003920
Battered Barramundi – Final Fantasy XV


Dessert –

FINAL FANTASY XV_20170130200528
Kupoberry Cheesecake – Final Fantasy XV
FINAL FANTASY XV_20170103171215
Tenebraen Berry Opera – Final Fantasy XV
Sea Salt Ice Cream – Kingdom Hearts


Non-Alcoholic Drinks –

FINAL FANTASY XV_20161213013218
Green Smoothie – Final Fantasy XV

Saints Flow  – Saints Row

Staminan X – Yakuza

Staminan XX – Yakuza

Staminan Royale – Yakuza


Alcoholic Drinks –

T-Virus – Resident Evil

Devil May Cry – Devil May Cry

The Handsome Jack  – Borderlands


There is the menu for the Video Game Café during Christmas. Our menu changes frequently to keep things fresh.

I hope you enjoy your meal.


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