Thank You and What to look forward to in 2018

Thank you for reading my content


2017 is almost over (unless your reading this in 2018, then wahey!). It has been a year since I started this site and I’ve enjoyed writing about video games here. I’ve enjoyed communicating with those who have read my work, anytime I can talk about video games with people is always good.

I want to say THANK YOU. Thanks to the people who have followed me, both here on WordPress and on Twitter. Thanks to the people who have read my content. Thanks to the people who just skimmed through my site. Thanks to the people who have liked, commented on and shared my work. Thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to read my content. I mean all of this dearly.

This past year I’ve been growing my own writing platform and the last few months have seen it grow at a faster rate than I expected. With me graduating from university, I have been able to write more. I’ve been aiming for one post a week but in 2018, I’m going to try to do two or three if possible.


Here is a list of some of my favourite pieces from 2017 – 


2018 is looking like it will be yet another great year for games and for my site. Listed below is what to expect from my site in 2018.


What to expect in 2018 from That Green Dude –

  • More reviews
  • More Retrovisions
  • A new series of posts called Retro Review
  • Video game poetry (I’m going to give it a good go)
  • Posts about things other than gaming such as, films, wrestling and anime. (Just to offer a more diverse selection of content).
  • A different look/ style for the site.


2017 was the first year for That Green Dude and it was also a pretty good year for me. 2018 is nearly upon us and I hope to make it not only a fantastic year for the site but also for myself. I may have a life changing opportunity coming my way in 2018. You’ll hear more about this “life changing” opportunity if I am successful in achieving it.


Thank you for coming along this journey, I hope you stick around for the future.

I hope you’ve had a good 2017 and have a brilliant 2018.


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