6 Things I’d like to see in Virtua Fighter 6

It’s only a matter of time until we see the legendary fighting game return

VF 5 Final Showdown Jacky vs Aoi
Jacky vs Aoi in Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard anything about Sega’s renowned fighting game, Virtua Fighter. The last entry in the series was Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown back in 2012, it was more refined and had more characters than the original Virtua Fighter 5 release.

Since Final Showdown, the Virtua Fighter series has been very quiet and Sega have yet to announce anything. Virtua Fighter 6 will happen at some point it’s just a matter of when. There’s no way in hell that Sega would just leave the Virtua Fighter series alone, it’s just too popular and Sega would be absolutely insane to do so.

So with all that said I’ve come up with a list of 6 things I would like to see in Virtua Fighter 6.

6. New Characters

VF 5 Roster
The roster of Virtua Fighter 5

Every new instalment of a fighting game introduces at least one new character, so of course Virtua Fighter 6 should bring some new fighters into the mix. What fighting style should the new characters have? Well there are tonnes of fighting styles out there that the VF have yet to implement. Just a few I’d like to see would be Sambo (like Dragunov in Tekken), Krav Maga and Boxing. I’d like to see how a Boxing fight style fits in Virtua Fighter as Tekken’s resident boxer, Steve Fox plays really well and is quite popular.

Also out of sheer curiosity I’d like to see an animal character in Virtua Fighter just to see how Sega would implement it and if it would actually work. For the record I don’t see this happening but with playing Tekken and for that series to feature animal fighters, I’m curious to see how they’d fit within Virtua Fighter.

5. Tag Battle/ Mode

Dead Or Alive 5 Tag Mode
Tag Battle in Dead or Alive 5

Dead or Alive has a Tag Mode and Tekken has Tekken Tag Tournament and I love both of them. Tag Mode adds a level of intensity to fights, one character could be low on health so you quickly switch characters and get back into thick of it, hopefully laying on the offense. So with two other 3D fighting games having tag battle, why not Virtua Fighter as well.

I reckon Tag Mode would work really well in Virtua Fighter. Just imagine having the team of Jeffry and Wolf, you’ll have tremendous amounts of power. Jacky Bryant and Kage, my god the speed of the two fighters together would give Sonic the Hedgehog a run for his money. Given the amount of care and detail that goes into Virtua Fighter, I’m confident that if Sega does implement a Tag Mode then they’ll do it right and do it well.

4. In-depth Tutorial Mode

Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s ‘Fight Lab’ was pretty good at teaching newcomers the basics of the Tekken series. Virtua Fighter could benefit from a mode similar to this.

I know that this wouldn’t really be of much of use to the ‘masters’ of Virtua Fighter but an in-depth Tutorial Mode would make the game more accessible. A well made in-depth Tutorial Mode will help people who may be picking up their first Virtua Fighter game to get to grips and understand Virtua Fighter’s mechanics. If there are tutorials for each individual character (a huge undertaking I know) then this will only further the game’s accessibility.

Individual character tutorials would be amazing especially for me as I’ve always like Goh’s design but I have never been able to play him brilliantly. As stated before tutorials for each character would be a huge undertaking for Sega but if they do it, then Sega will have one of the most accessible fighting games on the market.

3. Plenty Of Modes

Virtua Fighter 5’s Quest Mode was fun and I would be happy if it returned in the next entry.

A fighting game should have a good amount of modes outside the usual; Arcade, Time Attack and Survival. You can count the previously mentioned Tag Battle here. Sega can go nuts with the amount and kinds of modes in Virtua Fighter 6 as long as they are well made and fun to play.

I’d like to see a customisation mode in Virtua Fighter 6, anytime I can personalise my favourite characters in a fighting game is always good. Veteran VF players can you remember Quest Mode from Virtua Fighter 5? I enjoyed the hell out of it and I’d love to see it return in the next entry. An RPG/ Fighter hybrid mode would be cool, something similar to BlazBlue: Central Fiction’s Grim of the Abyss mode or Soul Calibur 3’s brilliantly fun Chronicles of the Sword. Can anyone remember Tekken 5’s Devil Within mode? Something like that could work really well in Virtua Fighter. A multi-level beat-em-up would be awesome and Sega know how to do a beat-em-up *cough* Yakuza, *cough* Shenmue.

2. Story Mode

MK X Story Trailer Screenshot
NetherRealm Studios has set the bar for story modes in the Fighting game genre. Virtua Fighter has some good lore so a story mode like Mortal Kombat could do rather well.

NetherRealm Studios has set the standard for story modes in fighting games, thanks to recent entries of Mortal Kombat and Injustice 2. Virtua Fighter does have a story but it’s never been a major focus for the series but could we see that change in the next instalment?

Virtua Fighter has good lore that’s pretty interesting and it has the potential to be a great story mode. There’s three ways Sega could go about doing a story mode, there’s the NetherRealm Studios style, a mix of cinematics and fights. There is the Guilty Gear/ BlazBlue style which is predominantly cutscenes with a few fights here or there. The third option is that Sega do their own twist on a story mode. Sega tend to be as original as possible when it comes to Virtua Fighter, so if they do decide to go about doing a story mode their own way then I’m all for it.

1. Good Online Component

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Jean Kujo vs Sarah Bryant
Jean Kujo vs Sarah Bryant in Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

Online functionality is essential in a fighting game these days. The fighting game community and e-sports have grown considerably since the last Virtua Fighter title so the next entry has to have good online capabilities. A strong online component can extend the lifespan of fighting game tremendously.

Player matches and ranked matches are a given but what if there is an online tournament, like the one seen in Tekken 7? Online tournaments are a good idea and can give people who are alright at fighting games a slight feeling that they are at Evo. If Sega decide to add Tag Battle then why not have online tag matches. Sega has the chance to make Virtua Fighter a strong competitor in the online fight game scene and given how vibrant and popular the fighting game community is now, now is the time to capitalise on it.

VF 4 Evolution Akira v Pai
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution may be a PS2 game but it still holds up pretty well graphically.

Given that it has been five years since Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, a Virtua Fighter 6 announcement could happen anytime now. However if you are itching for a VF fix on PS4 then you’ll want to check out Yakuza 6 as it has Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown in its Sega Arcades.

Tekken is my favourite fighting game but Virtua Fighter is the one I respect the most. Whenever Virtua Fighter 6 arrives you can be sure on one thing, it will make a huge impact in the fighting game community and genre.

Do you want to talk about Virtua Fighter or fighting games in general? Do you have any ideas you’d like to see in the next Virtua Fighter Sound off in the comments below or talk to me on Twitter @ThatGreenDude95

41 thoughts on “6 Things I’d like to see in Virtua Fighter 6

  1. I sincerely hope Sega does release a new Virtua Fighter 6, but I suspect the reason for them holding back is the current domination by Street Fighter V and Tekken 7. Those two are massive games with a robust e-Sports following. There’s no reason why VF6 couldn’t compete though. After all, in my opinion (and many others) it could easily hold its own. Come on Sega, do the right thing and let the king reclaim the crown…

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    1. Yeah, Virtua Fighter can hold its own against Tekken and Street Fighter. Virtua Fighter’s fanbase is big and loyal.
      We’re in a Fighting Game renaissance at the moment thanks to fantastic fighters like; Tekken, SF, KoF, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, MK and Injustice. With Soul Calibur 6 and the inevitable Dead or Alive 6 coming in the future, Virtua Fighter is pretty much the only fighter that needs to come back.


      1. I agree. It’s a pity Team Ninja has decided to take a break for now. I was hoping for a DOA 6. However, I’d love to see a Virtua Fighter X DOA at some point in the near future.

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      2. I think their DLC overload has burnt them out. I would imagine that Team Ninja are going to re-evaluate what they do with DOA. The fighting game scene is a lot different now than when DOA5 was released. They’ll want to make a big impact with the next DOA.

        Given that Jacky and Sarah Bryant are already in DOA5 I can see a Virtua Fighter x DOA happening.


    2. The king of what? The King has always been Tekken. It currently has the title as best selling fighting game franchise. Tekken 3 alone sold 8.5 million copies. Virtua Fighter doesn’t even sell more than Tekken in Japan where it does ok. VF is a great game but it’s no Tekken. It just doesn’t have the flash and fun factor to me.

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      1. The “king” of fighting games will always be subjective. For me it is like you, Tekken. I know about its sales. It’s the best selling fighting game and will more than likely remain that way.

        The thing with Virtua Fighter is that I have a huge amount of resepct for it. It was the first 3D fighting game and every 3D fighter has taken notes from the series. Every numbered entry has raised the bar for 3D fighters when it comes to graphics and mechanics.

        I also get what you mean about the flash and fun factor. To me VF is a lot of fun and I know that it isn’t for everybody. VF isn’t the flashiest fighting game, Tekken has got flashy down to a tee now (when it comes to 3D fighters that is).

        Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my piece. 👍

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  2. Yes, I agree. The problem DOA always faced was the sexual stigma attached to it – sadly. Although a solid fighter, it lacked a little depth and the emphasis on the females often drew immature comments. However, the FGC always took Virtua Fighter seriously, and if Sega do number 6, it’ll guarantee to send the community into a frenzy.

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    1. Thanks man. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      You can expect more fighting game related content from me in the future.
      I was thinking of writing something about the Bloody Roar series soon. A fighting game that has sadly faded away.


  3. Your welcome my friend. Ah yes, the Bloody Roar series was fantastic and sadly forgotten…for now. I think Konami own the rights even though Hudsonsoft waa the developer. Great characters, a cool concept and beautifully executed. Yes, we definitely need a new BR!

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  4. Great read, agree with most of that.

    I had and loved VF4: Final Evolution on PS2 and VF5 on 360. It was the mode were you tour arcades beating other players I got obsessed with. Is that the same as Quest mode? I’m not a fan of story mode in fighters usually, but being an actual player of the game, customizing Wolf Hawkins and travelling the land challenging 3rd Dans was great!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ace – loved that mode, would be great to play it again. I want to complete it!

        I loved the customizable characters on VF. It was fun and it was great seeing the CPU fighters in different attire as it showed how advanced their skills were. You knew you were in trouble when Gig had his hoodie….

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      2. Goh. The one character I really want to learn because he looks cool but haven’t.
        I really need to sit down and learn him.
        I don’t think I ever completed Quest mode myself. I just had an absolute blast everytime I played.

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      3. It’s an ambition of mine to finish it! I never played as Goh either but I wanted to. I always pick the pro wrestling character in any fighting game I play because I love throws and holds, but I remember Goh having some great grappling.

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      4. Gutted – I doubt it has Quest mode!

        To be honest, one of the reasons I like VF is the characters are all decent and in the right hands, be very dangerous. No dead wood or cheap characters.

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      5. I think it is just arcade mode and multiplayer. It would be insane if Quest Mode is included as well. I won’t be sad though if it isn’t though as I’ll have VF on PS4. 🙂

        Yep. VF is one of the best and most refined fighting games out there. All the characters are good and none feel like they are just to pad out the roster.

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      6. That’s a shame re Quest mode, but I imagine it’s a huge mode. Imagine if it was an online mode? Could be amazing playing everyone’s ranked modified characters!

        You summed this up perfectly. There is no roster padding, no multicoloured ninjas, no animals, no cheap bosses…every fighter is worth taking the time to learn their moves and playstyle. I always play as Wolf, but I think Goh and Brad look great and would love to try them out!

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      7. An online Quest mode would be great and could work very well if done right.

        Also, sorry about that. 😁
        I’m in the same boat if that helps. I currently playing VF 5 just to refresh my skills.

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      8. It’s strange that there hasn’t been an entry for so long but VF 5 was near perfect. It’s going to be tough to top it.
        There are a few other fighting games that have sadly not had sequels for even longer. Bloody Roar and Rival Schools to name a couple.


  5. I always found Goh to be a great addition to the roster and a difficult to master yet interesting character. From his sinister Goth/vamp look to his awesome grapples and powerful throws. Here’s hoping we’ll see him return in VF6 soon…

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    1. Goh is the character that I want to play because I like his look but I can’t play as him in the slightest. I need to sit down with VF for a night and learn him. Other characters like Lei Fei and El Blaze I learned quickly. Goh on the otherhand will require me to play him for a few hours to understand him.

      Another thing I like about Goh is how he stands out from the rest of the roster when it comes to appearance and move set.

      Yakuza 6 has the offline functions of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown so I can learn him then.

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    1. I’ve been playing the Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown that is included in Yakuza 6 and have beenplaying as Goh. This video was quite helpful. Thank you for linking it to me.

      I started playing Goh like I do Dragunov in Tekken and I am now finding him more fun and easier to use.


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