My Funky PS2 Controller

Playing my PS2 with style.


The PlayStation 2 is a fantastic console with many games and I think it is safe to say that many people went through several PS2 controllers. The DualShock 2 is a great controller and is iconic and memorable for many people as it was one of the things needed to send people to many different worlds.

As with many consoles there are a multitude of accessories made by third-party companies. Gaming accessories made by these companies can range from controllers, keyboards, light guns, steering wheels and more.

My ‘funky’ PS2 controller is a third-party accessory made by Logic 3 and is rather different to the standard DualShock 2. The thing that stands out the most is that it is see-through. You can see the insides of the controller. I find it rather nifty. The joypad is also bigger than the standard PS2 one. It also has better grip than the DualShock 2. The triggers of the controller are also different as you’ll see in the images below.

The controller is transparent.
As you can see here, the triggers are much different to those found on the standard DualShock 2 controller.


However, the controller has a little gimmick, a trick of its own.




The controller glows red.
The controller almost feels alive.


As you’d expect, it looks better in the dark.


The controller looks so damn nice in the dark.
The red glow is really bright and powerful.


So there you go, my funky PS2 controller. It’s a bit different to the standard joypad but the main thing here is the glow. IT GLOWS!

If Darth Vader or any other Sith Lord plays video games, I think they would choose this controller to play with.

A controller fit for a Sith Lord. (No I am not a Sith Lord. Even though I love Darth Vader)


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