A Look At The Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Pocket Survival Kit

I have many video game collectables and goodies so I thought why not write about them and share pictures of them with everyone. The first of my video game collectables I am showing off is the Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Pocket Survival Kit. Fancy name aside, it’s a press kit.

The front of the Pocket Survival Kit.

The Pocket Survival kit has a rather smooth and felt-like feel to it. It is quite nice to hold.


The contents of the Pocket Survival Kit.

Inside the Pocket Survival Kit we have the game, the press disc, a Survival Guide and some Combat Survival Cards.


The press kit version of the game and the press disc.

The UMD looks different to the retail release however, everything else is the same. It’s the same game and there is nothing exclusive to the press version of the game.

The press disc is pretty cool. It contains screenshots, character renders, gameplay videos, trailers and various assets that members of the video game press could use when reviewing the game.


The Survival Guide

The front of the Survival Guide.
The back of the Survival Guide.
Inside the Survival Guide.
Inside the Survival Guide.

This part of the Survival Guide is great. I love the little summaries of the previous games in the series and the bit about Tekken 5. This would have been helpful for members of the press who don’t know that much about the Tekken series.


Inside the Survival Guide.

I love the right page of this part of the Survival Guide. It details all the playable characters in the game and their respective fighting style that they use.


Combat Survival Cards

There are character renders on the back of the Combat Survival Cards.
The front of the Combat Survival Cards have a specific move from a character
Going through the cards and I see the suggested action for this one. I honestly don’t know what to say. It made me chuckle though.
The same goes for this card’s suggested action. Each card has these suggested actions and are rather funny.


I have lots of video game collectables that I would like to share with you all. I haven’t decided what I will show off next but it will be cool.

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One thought on “A Look At The Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Pocket Survival Kit

  1. This looks really cool. The Combat Survival Cards suggested actions all look quite funny (at least the ones I could make out from your overall photo). Looking forward to seeing what the next collectible you post about is.

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