A Quick Update

Hello everyone.

This post as seen in the title will be a quick update.

So if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I’ve been writing something big for another site and that should be posted sometime this week. This is one of the reasons as to why I didn’t write much for my site last week. The other reason is that my laptop is broken. Obviously I am annoyed and a bit angry but I’m going to try my best to fix it, follow me on Twitter if you want updates on the state of my laptop.

All is not lost however, I can still write using the WordPress app on my phone. It isn’t ideal but at least I can still write; putting pictures in my pieces using the app is a pain though. My brother has been extremely kind to let me use his laptop (when he isn’t using it) to continue writing for my site and everywhere else, until I can repair mine or get a new one. So I want to give a big thanks to my brother.

So I am still writing but I may be posting my content at irregular times.

I thought it was important to let you know my current predicament. So with all that said, I’ll get back to writing new pieces and playing video games.

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