My Dynasty Warriors 9 Tips and Trophy Guide Piece

DYNASTY WARRIORS 9_20180205003045

Those that follow me on Twitter will know that a few days ago I tweeted that I was working on something big. Well here is the “big thing” I was working on, a massive Dynasty Warriors 9 article. Here is my Dynasty Warriors 9: Helpful Tips and Tricks piece for Gamereactor.

I’ve been playing Dynasty Warriors 9 for about two weeks now and I have put in just shy of 80 hours play time. I played as several characters and I have been across the majority the map on horseback (the map is HUGE!) I have defeated more enemies than I can count and Gan Ning is still my favourite character in the series.

DYNASTY WARRIORS 9_20180204024819

Not only have I written about some helpful tips and tricks for Dynasty Warriors 9, I have also done a trophy guide which I hope helps trophy hunters and die-hard fans.

Now I want to do a review of Dynasty Warriors 9 for my site, I’ve put in enough time to do one so expect a review soon.

I’m quite proud of this piece and I hope it is of some use for people who are playing Dynasty Warriors 9.

DYNASTY WARRIORS 9_20180201191234

Again here is my Dynasty Warriors 9: Helpful Tips and Tricks piece.

To those that are playing Dynasty Warriors 9, I hope you are having fun in Three Kingdoms Era China.


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7 thoughts on “My Dynasty Warriors 9 Tips and Trophy Guide Piece

      1. Wu is my favourite faction.
        You don’t need to play as a Wu character to unlock Gan Ning. Just complete chapter 5 with any character and you’ll unlock all the characters silhouettes on the chapter 5 line.


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