QOTM – Zombies And A Volcano Ready To Erupt. What A Time To Be Alive.

What ruddy luck I have. Zombies and a volcano together. Zombies are bad enough but a volcano ready to erupt as well! Who did I annoy to get put in this predicament.

Weirdly this scenario isn’t all that new to me. I know what you’re thinking, how is Brandon familiar with the combination of zombies and a volcano? This is thanks to a film I watched a while back called, The Happiness of the Katakuris. It’s a wonderfully weird film, one that I wholeheartedly recommend and it features zombies and a volcano. It’s also a musical. I wrote about the film back in February if you are interested.

Anyway, now that  you know that I am no stranger to zombies and volcanoes, here is my answer to the Question of the Month set by Nathan from Hurricane Thought Process. Which three video game characters would you choose to help you survive the Apocalypse? As stated before I’ve got zombies and a volcano to deal with but who would I choose to help me live through this cataclysmic event.


First up – Cole Phelps: L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire’s protagonist, Cole Phelps. Image source – Rockstar Games

Phelps like myself is of the inquisitive type. I wouldn’t be happy with just surviving the apocalypse, I would like to know how it all started. A volcano erupting is a natural event so that one doesn’t really need investigating but zombies?  I want to know how and why the dead have risen and are now shambling across the Earth. Cole Phelps is the best character to help me with investigating this. He solved several criminal cases that include, fraud, drug running, murder and an infamous case that actually happened in real life (won’t say what because of spoilers).

Phelps is known for his sharp eye when it comes to investigations, rarely missing a shred of evidence but he is also trained with use of firearms. Phelps was in the army during World War II so he knows how to handle a gun. Cole Phelps will be able to hold his own whilst helping me to investigate why the dead have risen from the grave.


My second partner – Leon S. Kennedy: Resident Evil

Leon S. Kennedy. One of the main protagonists of the Resident Evil series. Image Source – Resident Evil Wiki

We need someone with experience in these kinds of situations and there aren’t many people with a better resumé than Leon S. Kennedy. He’s seen zombies before so he knows exactly what to do. Leon can also provide valuable information on how slay the zombie horde effectively. He has also seen horrors worse than zombies such as Lickers and B.O.W’s (Bio Organic Weapons).

Leon has contacts with members of the military, mercenaries and members of the US Government which would be invaluable in a situation such as this. He can get in contact with the aforementioned people and provide a means of escape and even back up. Leon Kennedy will be an essential part of the team and should be for any instance involving zombies.


My third partner – Doomguy (aka, Doom Marine and Doom Slayer) : DOOM

PraetorSuit DOOM 2016
Doomguy (aka, Doom Marine and Doom Slayer) from DOOM (2016).  Image source – Doom Wikia

Things will get crazy during the apocalypse and we might get swarmed with zombies. There also could be the fast-moving zombies that we have seen in video games like Left 4 Dead, so things may get hectic and we need someone who can hold their own. Someone who has gone against something more powerful and destructive than zombies. There’s one person that comes to my mind, Doomguy.

Doomguy doesn’t speak which is fine because he can listen and out of the group he is the strongest and has the most skill with weaponry. Doomguy is also wearing a suit of armour called the Praetor Suit so zombies can’t bite him. They would have to do some serious damage before they could even make a dent in it. He will be our protector. When we need someone to keep the zombies off our backs when we are investigating, we’ll send Doomguy to the frontlines. If he can take on demons that are straight from hell then he can deal with zombies no problem.


This post is part of Later Level’s Question of the Month for April 2018Question of the Month for April 2018. The question was set by Nathan from Hurricane Thought Process. If you would like to answer the question yourself, click on the Question of the Month link above.

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