Book Update – Character Bios #1

Hello everyone and to those interested in my book. I’m making progress on my book, it is slow going but I am getting there. I have to say that I knew that writing a book would be hard, whether it be the source of the inspiration or getting the motivation to write. I already have a great deal of respect for authors that produce fantastic stories but as I am now writing my own, my respect has increased tenfold.

I am still writing chapter two of my book, I’ve had a few re-writes and will more than likely have a several more but I want this to be as near perfect as humanly possible (nothing is ever perfect in my opinion). I’ve been writing more character bios, something which I touched upon in my previous book update. The reason as to why I am doing these is because I want to create believable, memorable characters and an interesting world.

I’ve written 17 bios so far and there are many more that I have still yet to write. I have to say that I am having a lot of fun writing these.

(These character bios are subject to be written in more detail so the finished product may feature more in-depth character descriptions).


Dante Fierro – 21 Years Old (Main Character/ Protagonist)

A 21-year-old Italian American who left Miami to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional boxer. Dante is very successful, winning many belts and trophies. Tragedy hits the up and coming boxer, his coach is murdered. Dante felt lost and decided that he couldn’t carry on boxing without his coach, who taught him so much by his side. He hung up his gloves and decides to go back home to see his mother and to start a new life.
Soon after his return in Miami, Dante gets involved in a shooting and is shot. He sustains his wounds by taking a bullet for an elderly gentleman. His heroics saved the life of Salvatore Scalesi, the Don of the Scalesi Family. Dante is met with thanks and praise by the Don and the Scalesi family and the Don offers the Dante a place in the family. Dante thinks that this could be his ‘new life’ and so he accepts the Don’s offer with pride. Dante knows that by joining the Scalesi Family, he’ll have to kill someone someday. Dante also wants to avenge his coach, as his murderer was never caught. Joining the Scalesi Family will give him the right tools and skills to get his coach’s killer.
Dante has a strong bond/ relationship with his mother and respects her dearly. He keeps his ties with the mob a secret from his mother.


Leo “The Immortal” Machiavelli – 24 Years Old

Leo is one of Henry Scalesi’s good friends and is sometimes chosen by Sal to be his bodyguard. Leo is told by Sal to show Dante ‘the ropes’ of being in the family.
Despite his young age, Leo is very mature, more than most his age and older. Through Leo showing Dante how things are done, they form a strong friendship and have each other’s back. Leo respects his elders and will confront anyone who is disrespectful to them.
Leo is an orphan, his father died before he was born and his mother died during childbirth. He grew up in an abusive care home but at the age of 15, he killed one of the abusers. It was seen as self-defence. He left the home shortly after and at the age 16, he met Henry Scalesi and became friends.
Leo earned the title of “Immortal” when he helped take down the Vespucci Family. He sustained 7 gunshot wounds and still carried on fighting. Many Vespucci Family foot soldiers were scared and as a result they surrendered. Scalesi Family foot soldiers look up to Leo with respect and fear.
Leo is one of the youngest “Made Men” and Sal thinks of Leo as if he was his own child.


That’s it for this set of character bios. If you would like to see more, let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day everyone!

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