A Look At Some Of My Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards #1

A part of my childhood

Image Source: Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Website

Yu-Gi-Oh was a huge part of my childhood. I watched the anime every Saturday and Sunday morning on Sky One and Fox Kids. It wasn’t just me who loved watching the anime, my mom and dad did too. I also loved collecting the cards, something that my parents didn’t like because it meant them spending a lot of money.

When Konami released Yu-Gi-Oh video games I had to have them. I’ve got fond memories of playing Forbidden Memories and Duelist of the Roses. (I want to write about them in the future.)

I was looking through some boxes and I found my collection of Yu-Gi-Oh cards (the ones that luckily survived the flood). I asked a while back if people would like to see a post showing off my Yu-Gi-Oh cards and a lot of people seemed to be for the idea, so why not.


This will be the first of series of posts showing off my Yu-Gi-Oh card collection. Without further ado, here is the first selection of my Yu-Gi-Oh. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Here are four Monster Cards. Gilford the Legend, Dark Eradicator Warlock, Warrior Dai Grepher and Cybernetic Cyclopean.



Red Eyes Black Dragon is a Monster Card I loved when I was a kid as it belonged to one of my favourite duelists, Joey Wheeler. Here are two variants of the Red Eyes Black Dragon card. The card on the left is the original design and the one on the right was the redesign for the card when Yu-Gi-Oh GX came out (if I remember correctly).


Here are some more Monster Cards. Breaker The Magical Warrior, Spear Dragon, Combo Master, Phantom Beast Cross-Wing and Harpie Lady.


Here is a Trap Card and Spell Card. Monster Cards are good for a duel but you won’t get far without having Spell and Trap cards in your deck. The Trap Card is Null and Void and the Spell Card is Ballista of Rampart Smashing.


Two more Monster Cards. First up is Alpha The Magnet Warrior. This monster card is part of a set of three cards, the other two are, Beta The Magnet Warrior and Gamma The Magnet Warrior. Tributing these cards (removing them from play and putting them in the graveyard) you will be able to special summon Valkyrion The Magna Warrior (a card I really wanted as a kid and still to this day don’t have).

The card on the left is Elemental Hero Clayman. This Monster Card was introduced when the Yu-Gi-Oh GX series started.



I don’t remember much about this Monster Card but I do remember being very happy when I got it. The Monster Card is Exxod, Master Of The Guard. I don’t think I ever used this card in live play.



This is a Monster Card that appeared in the film Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie: The Pyramid of Light. The Monster Card is Theinen The Great Sphinx.



Kuriboh is one of the most iconic Yu-Gi-Oh cards. This Monster Card was used by Yugi Muto.



Arguably the most iconic card in the Yu-Gi-Oh series, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. This Monster Card was used by one of my favourite duelists Seto Kaiba.


Do you collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards? Let me know in the comments below. If you want to show me your Yu-Gi-Oh cards, tweet me – @ThatGreenDude95

6 thoughts on “A Look At Some Of My Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards #1

  1. I use to collect these back in the day! I think the ones I have left are in a box in storage somewhere. I remember having something called Gate Guardian and all the cards needed to summon him, or something like that (been a while). I sold that set on eBay,haha.

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    1. Gate Guardian. I love that card. You need three Monster Cards each one a different element (Thunder, Wind and Water if I remember correctly) to summon him.
      I remember the Paradox Brothers using Gate Guardian in the Labyrinth.

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    1. I tried getting into Magic when I was a kid but i couldn’t get into it. Maybe now that I’m older, I’ll be able to get into Magic. The problem is finding the time.

      The Yu-Gi-Oh anime was awesome. It was on every Saturday and Sunday morning on Fox Kids and Sky One way back when. This was around 2000/2001 and 2002 if I remember correctly.

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