That Green Dude – July 2018 Overview

July was a weird month, I felt demoralised and down about everything. Last month I was in a bit of a rut and usually, I can just brush off the negatives pretty easily and then think positively. However, it got to me and the emotions came out. The outpour of emotions scared the hell out of me as it is unlike me. I suppose though that eventually we all let it out.

Enough of the bad stuff, let’s look at the good things that happened in July. At the beginning of the month I did a piece about some of my Yu-Gi-Oh cards and I was surprised by the response. I had several people talk to me about Yu-Gi-Oh and the cards they have or had, it was awesome.


In July, I asked a video game related question in July and I got many responses to it. The question I asked was “Realistic Graphics or Unique Art Style?”. I had many responses on Twitter and in the comments below. Fellow blogger, Kim from Later Levels responded to my question with a post of her own. A big thank you to everyone that responded to my question, I will be raising plenty more questions in the future.

Graphic Art Style Question Featured image

I hit a big milestone in July, I have published 100 posts on That Green Dude. It’s hard to think that I’ve published 100 articles on my site already, time flies. Just because I’ve hit 100 posts doesn’t mean I will take things easy, I have many ideas on what to write and big ideas for That Green Dude.

Publishing 100 posts wasn’t the only milestone I hit in July. Over 100 people now follow That Green Dude here on WordPress and the site has reached a cumulative total of 500 likes. It was a good way to end what has been an up and down month for me.

What I wrote on That Green Dude in July 2018:

What to expect on That Green Dude in August 2018

Saints Row list
Image Source: Logopedia

The Saints Row list I have been working on is nearly done and I have had fun writing this up. Even though I played through the first two games again for the millionth time earlier this year, writing this list has made me want to play them both once again.

Another question

Question of the Month Villains

I will be asking another video game related question later this month. I’m looking forward to seeing the responses to it.

My first Resident Evil post on That Green Dude
RE1 Remake
Resident Evil 1 Remake. Image Source: PlayStation

I can’t believe that I have written 100 posts on my site and have yet to write a piece about the Resident Evil series. The Resident Evil series is one that not only I enjoy, but also my parents do. The series has played a big part in my life, I remember watching my dad play through Resident Evil 2 and 3 and my mom doing the puzzles.

I want to write about Resident Evil this month but I can’t decide on which RE game to write about. I’m currently playing through the fantastic Resident Evil Remake on PS4 and a couple of weeks ago I was playing Resident Evil: Dead Aim. I’ll write about one of these but I don’t know which one yet.

Another Yu-Gi-Oh card showcase
Image Source: Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Website

The response to the previous Yu-Gi-Oh card showcase was surprising and overwhelming, so I have to do another card showcase.

I’m the Star Blogger for August!

I am the star blogger for August which is an incredible opportunity and it also means that I got to create this month’s Question of the Month. I know that I won’t be able to win but even though I made the question, I still want to have a go. I’m looking forward to all of the answers.


That’s it folks! Thank you for reading this and I hope you all have a fantastic August.

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