Metro Redux – Review

This is one of several pieces that I wrote on my old blog. I am bringing some of my old work to this site. (Metro Redux – Review was published on my old blog on October 12, 2014)

Version Played: PlayStation 4

Metro Last Light screen 1
Image Source: PlayStation Store

When I played Metro 2033 for the first time back in 2010, I knew I was playing a different kind of first-person shooter.

Whilst many first-person shooters wanted to give you an all-out action experience, Metro 2033 put atmosphere, story and set pieces before anything else.

It combined elements of a story-driven experience, a first-person shooter and survival horror and I loved it.

Metro 2033 Redux screen 1
Image Source: PlayStation Store

In 2013 the sequel to Metro 2033 was released, Metro Last Light. Metro Last Light was faster and had more a focus on action than Metro 2033 but it still felt different from other first-person shooters.

Even though Last Light focused more on action rather than survival, it was still a slower paced first-person shooter than other games in the genre. Metro Last Light, like Metro 2033, told a story not only with its characters but it’s world and for that reason, the Metro series is one of my favourite game series.

Image Source: PlayStation Store

Now, 4A Games have released Metro Redux, a remaster of both Metro 2033 and Last Light with all the DLC that was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now I know that at the moment people are fed up with remasters of games especially those which have only been out a year or two. However unlike a few other remasters, 4A Games have done it right.

Whilst I don’t think that there was much need to remaster Metro Last Light, it is nice that they have spruced it up a bit more by improving the lighting and the sound and included all the DLC. The biggest and most noticeable change is the graphical quality of Metro 2033, it is a big visual upgrade over the original release. The graphics are now beautiful, up to Metro Last Light standard, the lighting is better and the sound too.


The following graphics comparison videos are from GameSpot.

Metro 2033 Redux Graphics Comparison

Metro Last Light Redux Graphics Comparison

However, even though the graphics, lighting and sound have been improved; one problem does still plague the series and that is its A.I is not that intelligent. The A.I has been improved but is still a bit clueless at times. The monster/ beast A.I is more intelligent than the human A.I but it is still not brilliant.

The A.I may not be brilliant and the visuals are step up from what they were before but one thing I do have to commend 4A Games doing is adding additional gameplay. They have connected some of the missions together, where there were loading there is gameplay and that is commendable. No other developer has done that with a remaster of a game/ game series.

Another thing that makes Metro Redux stand out above the other remasters of late is its price, it is cheaper than other remasters like, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and The Last Of Us Remastered.


Image Source: PlayStation Store

Metro Redux is a collection of two great games made even greater. I still feel that the Metro series is underrated and now’s the chance for everyone who has not played it, to play it. PlayStation 3 owners only had Metro Last Light, so for them who have bought a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One now is the perfect time to play Metro 2033 and for the price of £24.99 for a (brand new) physical copy; you would be mad not to pick this up.


Score – 9/10


Metro Redux is available on the following Platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

You can also buy Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux together or separately from the PlayStation Store, Steam and the Xbox Live Marketplace.


(This post was originally posted on my old blog I no longer use. I thought I would repost some of the work that I did there instead of just letting sit in the internet closet gathering dust. There will be a few edits here and there from the original post such as different images and going through the post for spelling mistakes.)

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