That Green Dude – September 2018 Overview

September has been good, now we are in the spooky month of October

TGD September 2018 Overview

September has been a good month for my blog. After a slight dip in views from last month, they seem to be slowly improving. Views have improved but so have likes and comments and I hope this upward trend continues.

I have had some good conversations about video games with fellow bloggers, it’s nice to talk to people about video games. I’ve talked about Resident Evil, Red Dead Redemption and Project Judge with a good number of people and I can’t wait to talk about more video games in October.

Late last month I found my old blog and I decided to bring some of my old work over here and the response to them has been cool. There are a few more pieces left to bring over and I hope that you’ll enjoy them.

Question of the Month is a collaborative event that is held every month by Later Levels. September’s QOTM was created by Ian from Adventure Rules which tasked me with picking four elements from four different games to make the ultimate game. I won the September QOTM and this is the second time that I have won the event. I wonder, could I win for the third time?

September was a busy month for That Green Dude, below is a list of what I published on my site.
Things that I wrote in September:

That Green Dude – August 2018 Overview

I’ve Been Playing Resident Evil Remake

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – Review

The Faces of the Van der Linde Gang

Metro Redux – Review

Project Judge (Judge Eyes) Demo Impressions

QOTM – A Survival Horror Detective Thriller

I Went to EGX 2018

EGX 2018 Merchandise

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – EGX 2018 Impressions

What to expect on That Green Dude in October

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review

YAKUZA KIWAMI 2_20180919020401

I’ve reviewed every other Yakuza game that is available on PS4 in the west so I’m going to review Yakuza Kiwami 2. I’ve completed the game twice, once on normal and once on legend difficulty.

I’ve got some cool ideas regarding the Yakuza series but I’ll talk more about them in the future if I still want to do them.


The rest of my EGX articles


I’m working on the rest of my EGX impression pieces. There should be another one or two this week, three if I can get around to doing it. My Team Sonic Racing impressions piece will be first, followed by my Soul Calibur VI and Metro Exodus EGX previews.

The Kingdom Hearts III impressions article will be published last because that piece is going to be a little personal and emotional. I loved every second of the demo I played at EGX.


More content from my old blog

I’ve got some more work from my old blog that I can bring over to That Green Dude. I have a Kingdom Hearts piece and a Tekken article to publish here.


Asking another question

Question of the Month Villains

I have another question I want to ask and I think this will get people talking, much like my question about realistic graphics and unique art styles.

When I do these question pieces they seem to always get a lot of views and start some good conversations.


My huge L.A. Noire piece

L.A. Noire_20171207010612

I’ve slowly been working on this piece throughout September and I hope to have it done by the end of this month. I don’t want to say any more about it but I think everyone will enjoy it.


Dark Cloud Retrovision

Dark Cloud™_20180528232922

This piece was nearly done but then EGX and some life stuff happened. I’ll get back to this as soon as possible.


Life and the future

We’re in October and that means the application process for the job I applied for last year. Longtime readers of my site will know that back in April I published a piece called Don’t Give up on Your Dreams. In that piece, I wrote about how one of my dreams is to live and work in Japan and how I came very close to achieving my dream.

Last year I applied for a job that if successful, would result in me living and working in Japan. My application was successful and I was given a tike and date for my interview. I went for my interview in January and it went ok, could have been better but I went out of my comfort zone by doing this and it felt good.

Sadly though, in March I was told I was unsuccessful and I didn’t get the job. I was close, extremely close in achieving my dream. I know it can be done, I know I can do it.

Now the time has come once again for me to apply and try to fulfil my dream once again. The application process starts opens up in the next few days and I already have pretty much everything ready. All that’s left is to do the main application itself and get some references and I’m all set.

I’m feeling a lot more confident this time around and that might be the thing that will help me get the job.


That’s it, folks. I hope all of you have had a good September and have an even better October.

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  1. Ooh another question – I’ll be sure to look out for that. And I loved L.A. Noire so I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got up your sleeve! We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for your application. 🤞

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