EGX 2018 Merchandise

Whenever you go to a convention you’ll see stall after stall selling a truckload of video game and other nerdy merchandise. The things on sale vary in price but they’re all cool to look at and if you buy a lot, your bill at the end is going to be quite big.

Some conventions also give away free merchandise and I got quite a bit of it at EGX. I got a paper hat, a mask, dog tags and more. I also got two posters, one of Ace Combat 7 and the other of Soul Calibur but they are rather big and keeping them flat to take a picture is a pain. I’ll try and take some pictures of the posters and post them on my Twitter

I thought it would be cool to show off the free merchandise that I got at EGX. Enjoy!


A Fallout 76 paper hat.



A Vault Boy mask. I already have one of these so I’m giving this to my friend who is huge Fallout fan.


A Metro Exodus dog tag. I got two of these when I played Metro Exodus. I showed my dad the dog tags and he liked them so I gave him one.



After watching the Just Cause 4 presentation I was given a baseball cap with Rico Rodriguez’s (the main protagonist of Just Cause) initials on the front.



A Nathan Drake Sackboy keyring that I got from a show that was on the PlayStation stage.



After playing the Kingdom Hearts III “Premium Showcase” demo I was given a Kingdom Hearts III badge. Being a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, I’ll treasure this badge for the rest of my life.



When I went to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey I was given a bookmark which is handy as I needed a new bookmark, thanks Ubisoft.


When I sat down to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey I saw this big card shield on the counter where the demos were. The shield is huge and you can actually hold it like a shield. It has the AC: Odyssey logo in the middle. Seriously, this shield is huge and it looks like an Ancient Greek dinner plate.


That’s it, folks. I hope you enjoyed looking at the merch. This is just one of the many EGX related articles I have in the works. You can check the first of these pieces here.


Did you go to EGX? Do you have any awesome merch from a convention? Let me know in the comments below or you could tell me on Twitter¬† –¬† @ThatGreenDude95

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