My Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2019

2019 may go down as one of the best years in gaming

2018 was a very good year for video games and 2019 looks like it will be even better in just the first few months.

There are tonnes of games scheduled to release in 2019, many of which I am excited to play. However, for this list, I have had to whittle it down to 10 games which was rather difficult.

What games am I most excited about in 2019? Let’s find out!


10. Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive was announced earlier this year to the surprise of many Digimon fans like myself. Not much is know about yet and we’ve only received a couple of trailers.

We do know that this Digimon game doesn’t play like the previous few entries. Survive has similar gameplay to Final Fantasy Tactics, merge that with Digimon and I am 110% behind that.

Survive will be fourth Digimon game to release in four years which is crazy given how the franchise went dark for several years beforehand.

I am eagerly awaiting this one and I feel that this could be a yet another good Digimon game.


9. Days Gone

Many days have gone (my shot at telling crap pun) since Days Gone was announced. The first gameplay demo that was shown blew my mind. There were so many zombies chasing after the player that by just watching it, you could feel the tension.

It’s an open-world action survival horror game and all of those genres put together makes me very happy, it also makes Days Gone.

I was going to get Days Gone anyway but what confirmed my purchase was the Game Informer coverage. The gameplay that was shown hooked me and I wanted to see more. The developer interviews that came from it were great, as you could tell that the developers were very passionate about the game.

This isn’t to say other developers aren’t passionate, god no, I know they are but it was awesome to actually see that love for the game they are making.

It’s suffered a few delays and thankfully it is nowhere near Resident Evil 2 Remake, otherwise, this game could struggle on the market. I am excited for Days Gone and this could potentially be one of 2019’s dark horses.


8. Dragon Quest Builders 2


Okay, I have stopped shouting now but seriously, Dragon Quest Builders is a fantastic game and is one genuinely one of the best games I have played this generation. It’s Dragon Quest meets Minecraft. On paper that sounds like it wouldn’t work, but it does and sometimes works even better than Minecraft.

The upcoming sequel is going to bring lots of new additions such as swimming and flying, improved visuals and more. Builders 2 has co-op which is great if you want to play with friends. I’d be happy with what we had in the first game and a new story, that is a retelling of events (of sorts) of Dragon Quest 2.

We don’t have a release date for Dragon Quest Builders 2 but if it is like the first game, I’d expect it around September/ October.


7. Crackdown 3

Yes, it’s been delayed several times but I am still really excited for Crackdown 3. The sounds of the Agility and Hidden orbs have stuck with me since the first time I played Crackdown 1.

I collected all of the Agility and Hidden orbs in both Crackdown 1 and 2 and you can be sure that I will do the same thing for Crackdown 3. I can hear them, they are near, they are everywhere!

Crackdown 3 looks to be just some good old’ dumb fun and I love it. It’s also got Terry Crews and everyone loves him. I can go around the city and blow crap up as Terry Crews, what’s not to like?

I can’t wait to be a supercop again, leaping off buildings, throwing cars and running all over the city trying to find all of the orbs. I  hope that this is a big success for Xbox as they need another big exclusive that is good.


6. Project Judge aka Judgment aka (Judge Eyes)

The Ryu Ga Gotoku team are having a small break from the Yakuza series (sort of). Judgment is the team’s next big game and it plays similar to Yakuza, in that you beat up thugs but this time around, you are on the other side of the law.

You play as Yagami, a private detective who was formerly a lawyer who finds himself investigating a case that is related to the thing that disgraced him many years ago. If the story for Judgment is given the same care and quality treatment as the Yakuza games, we are in for one hell of a ride. I’ve played the demo and if you want, you can check out my impressions of it.

This game has a buddy cop vibe to it, which I am 100% for. The game is scheduled to release sometime in Summer 2018 with both English dubbing and subtitles.


5. Metro Exodus

I love Metro games, I love them so much that they got me into the books that they are based off. Post-apocalyptic Russia is such an interesting location and I would have never gotten so invested in such a rich universe if it wasn’t for the Metro games.

Metro Exodus is the third entry in the series and whilst it seems to have the same sense of dread, fear and loneliness that the others have. This time, however, we are no longer stuck in the tunnels of the Metro, we are on the surface. Even though the game isn’t set in the tight, restricted corridors of the Metro, it still feels terrifying. The monsters of the surface can come from any direction and that honestly scares the crap out of me.

I played Metro Exodus at EGX 2018 and I enjoyed every tense minute of it. If the rest of the game makes me feel like that, it will make me very happy. Exodus has the potential to be game of the year for me, the previous two games made my top 10 in their respective years.


4. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

I wanted this to happen and it is, a Crash Team Racing remake. I am uncontrollably excited for this, CTR is one of my favourite games of all time and I have so many memories of it.

We don’t know much about Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled other than it’s a remake of CTR and it has online multiplayer, a feature I cannot wait for.

Yeah, I know I haven’t written much about Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled but CTR means a lot to me. I have so many memories of playing the game when I was a kid and it has a special place in my heart, that’s why it is so high up on my list.


3. Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

I am beyond excited for Resident Evil 2 Remake and honestly, the second and third place on this list are level pegging.

Resident Evil 2 looks horrifyingly gorgeous. It looks scary, sounds terrifying and most importantly, you can tell already, that it is proud of its survival horror roots. Mr X (Tyrant) looks terrifying, the lickers are going to haunt my dreams for several days after playing this and graphically, the game is gorgeous.

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are back and so are Sherry Birkin and Ada Wong (Ada, wait!) All of the characters look great and the remake looks as if it is going to be fleshing out the characters backstories, which I am all for.

I can’t wait to step back into the shoes of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield come January 25th. January is going to be one of the best months for gaming in recent memory. One other game that releases in January has taken the top spot on this list. Can you guess what it is? (Frequent readers will already know what it is.)


2. Devil May Cry 5

🎶Bang bang, pull my Devil Trigger.🎶

Crazy and wild gameplay, check. OG Dante, check. Adrenaline pumping music, check. The series’ sarcastic sense of humour that fans love, check. Continuation of the main Devil May Cry lore, check.

Devil May Cry 5 has ticked every single box so far and I cannot wait. I played the demo a couple of weeks ago and it made me wish it was March 8th already. Is it March yet?

By the time Devil May Cry 5 releases, it will have been 11 years since the last mainline entry of the series, which is crazy. Devil May Cry 4 was released when I was in high school. I’ve been going through each of the Devil May Cry games again before DMC 5 is released and going through them makes me want to time travel to March 8th.

It looks gorgeous and it somehow it looks even better in motion. I’m ready to play as Nero, newcomer V and my man Dante. I seriously cannot wait for this. Give me now Capcom.


1. Kingdom Hearts III

You knew it was going to be this. It was my most anticipated game of 2018 but then it got delayed to 2019 and now, it’s my most anticipated game of 2019.

I, like many others, have been waiting years for Kingdom Hearts 3, the conclusion of the “Dark Seeker” saga. Kingdom Hearts 2 released in 2005/ 2006 (depending on your region) and many naturally assumed that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be next. It wasn’t though, several Kingdom Hearts games followed that enhanced and made the story more convoluted.

At E3 2013 Kingdom Hearts 3 was finally announced and after nearly six years it is finally here. I am incredibly hyped and excited for Kingdom Hearts 3, I want to know what happens to Sora and his friends. Will they defeat the darkness? Will they defeat Xehanort and rescue those lost to darkness? We will find out soon.

January 29th has got to hurry up, Kingdom Hearts 3 is so close that I can almost taste it.


That’s it, folks. There are loads of other games I am looking forward to in 2019 like Doom Eternal and Samurai Shodown. What games are you looking forward to in 2019? Let me know in the comments below.

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