QOTM: A Disjointed City, Divided Between Heaven and Hell

A big city with many stories to tell

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The Question of the Month collaboration event is being done differently this year. Instead of answering a question raised by someone each month, we are to provide answers about various different elements we would like to see in a video game and by the end of the year bloggers who have taken part will have contributed in making The Ultimate Video Game. For more information about the change to the Question of the Month event and what this month’s challenge is, then click the links below.


This month we are asked to come up with a setting and themes. Here is my answer:


Setting – 

A gargantuan city called Requiem which is set in the future and it features a top and bottom layer. The rich and powerful live on the top layer (called Seventh Heaven), living their lives in luxury and safety with little no concern of what happens in the city below. The architecture of the top layer is very different to anywhere else in Requiem. Most of the buildings are made from stone and marble, the area is clean; free of litter and pollution. The streets are patrolled by police even though there is no need for them as no crime happens on the top layer.

The bottom layer (Purgatory) is divided into several districts but most of its residents consider there to be only two sections to Purgatory, the civil area (aka: Bastion) and Hell. Bastion is a gigantic section of Purgatory that is diverse both in residents and style. Bastion is a metropolis where over a million people live and the population continues to rise. People flock to Bastion in the hopes to pursue their dreams, to develop a prosperous career and to make a name for themselves.

The north of Bastion is a steel and ivory tower utopia. Tonnes of skyscrapers make up the skyline and make for a picturesque view of a modern world. Corporations and successful dream chasers inhabit these steel towers and they have a bird’s eye view of the whole of Purgatory. It is rumoured that some of these sky-high buildings are owned by crime lords but investigations into such rumours are quickly squashed.

There’s the massive entertainment district that is the very definition of sensory overload. Music and other forms of audio blare out from shops, clubs and the TVs on the sides of buildings. The entertainment district may be a place where people go to relax, smile, laugh and try to get famous but it also has a darker side to it. Corruption is rife in the entertainment district and it is no stranger to crime.

The Suburbs are where the majority of Bastion’s citizens reside. This part of Purgatory is relatively safe and has a relatively low crime level. The Suburbs is also home to schools, colleges and even Bastions main church. The church found in the Suburbs is a glorious piece of architecture and there is nothing else like it in Bastion.

Downtown is a mix of workplaces, factories and places to relax after a hard day’s work. The Downtown area is also home to the Requiem’s police force. The police headquarters is located in Central Downtown and it is a series of interconnected buildings. The main character of the game is a detective so you’ll be seeing this place a lot.

Then there is also Hell. The section of Purgatory known as Hell is crime-ridden, full of violence, rundown areas, derelict buildings and quite simply some of the worst things humanity has to offer. At night though, Hell becomes far more cruel, evil and terrifying place. Only the bravest and most idiotic of Hell’s denizens come out at night as what awaits them, is the stuff that even some nightmares would run away from. The creatures and monsters are grotesque and do not hesitate to kill. You could be a saint or the scum of the Earth, it does not matter to them, their sole intention is to kill.


There is even more to Requiem than what I have mentioned above but that gives a general idea of what it looks like.


Themes –

The themes for this game are horror; detective/ investigative work, justice, crime, abuse of power and corruption.

This game will challenge the player who is a detective to solve crimes throughout the city of Requiem. What the player discovers throughout the game makes them question what they know, the top brass, the corporations and those seemingly in charge of Requiem. You’ll discover corruption on a mass scale, unspeakable crimes, ungodly monsters and why these nightmarish creatures are a thing.

The protagonist has a strong sense of justice, even with pressure from some of the higher-ups of the law and society as a whole. The hero of this story won’t rest until the people know the truth and justice prevails.

I want to clarify that what is written in the two previous paragraphs are not plot points, they are to explain why I have chosen said themes.



That’s my answer for January’s Question of the Month. You may have noticed that this takes some inspirations from a prior QOTM answer from last year. In that piece, I wrote about how I would like to see a detective thriller survival horror game.

Have you responded to January’s Question of the Month? Let me know in the comments below.

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