QOTM – A Deep Space Detective

It’s time for the Question of the Month and as mentioned in my previous QOTM piece, things are little different this year. Click here to find out more about how QOTM has changed for 2019.

Last month’s winner was Hundstrasse and his answer for setting and themes was absolutely brilliant. An ocean in space sounds incredibly interesting and it got my head buzzing with ideas.

This month we have to come up with a protagonist. The protagonist aka “The Hero” is the character that will save the day or bring criminals to justice, that kind of thing. What kind of character could work with the space ocean setting that Hundstrasse has created?


My answer:

I can actually use the protagonist I had planned for my setting and apply them to Hundstrasse’s locale.

The protagonist would be a “Deep Space Detective”, male or female as I want players to be able to choose who they want to play as. The choices are John Stansen and Mary Stansen.

The reason why I want people to be able to choose between a male and female character is to give an option to the player. Some people prefer playing as a male character and others prefer playing as a female character.

Both John and Mary Stansen are strong, determined characters with a strong desire and passion for finding out the truth.

The characters will also have different attributes so they will play a little different from each other. John is more tasked for combat than stealth and will brute force locks and doors. Mary, on the other hand, is adept at stealth, an experienced lockpicker and an expert hacker.

Whilst both characters will find out what happened, the smaller stories about the ship that they discover will be different as they explore different parts of the space vessel.


Why a detective?

Hundstrasse’s setting is very intriguing and I want to find out more about the Delta-Chi-743 and how it got destroyed, why is there an ocean in space and what about the crew?

A detective is the best is the best person to investigate what happened on this ill-fated vessel and to form a story of events. Detectives seek to get to the bottom of things, no matter how hard their task may be in the search for truth and justice. There is a slight chance that the reason the Delta-Chi-743 is the way it is now, is because of a criminal act.

It’s up to you, the player to investigate alongside your character and discover what happened.


There’s a little bit at the end of Hundstrasse’s setting and themes piece that really helped to make the decision to make the protagonist a detective:

“Throughout the ship a thousand different tales unfold every day. Some insignificant like these and some with just enough inertia to set weighty events in motion.”

A thousand different tales, who better to uncover these lost stories than a detective.


That’s my answer. I had a lot of fun doing this and I can’t wait for next month’s task.

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