QOTM – Antagonist or Antagonists

Last month my answer for the Ultimate Video Game was chosen by the judges which means that my answer for this month won’t be able to get picked. Even with knowing that, I thought I would write up a response to March’s Question of the Month.

The Question of the Month is different this year. For more details on how it has changed click here.


This month is all about the antagonist and I have an answer. An answer that was in no way shape or form influenced by me watching Alien a couple of weeks ago, nope not at all. My antagonist isn’t a Xenomorph or a group of them (as much as I would like them to be) it’s a corporation that owns the Delta-Chi 743, the derelict space vessel that fellow blogger Hundstrasse came up with. The corporation is called Terrasect and is in no way inspired by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation in the Alien series (nope, not at all).


They owned the ill-fated vessel and the crew on there were doing their jobs as was expected of them. What the space crew didn’t know that the ship housed a secret compartment that was sealed away and it contained scientists who were conducting various biological experiments, some on alien life forms.

The scientists would report all of their results and findings to Terrasect. They would ask what the experiments were for but the only answer they got was, “for the advancement of humanity”.

One day, the experiments went wrong and it unleashed a deadly toxin and a new alien lifeform, one that could be considered deadlier than the toxin. The toxin seeped into the main part of the vessel and infected everyone on board. Everyone was dead, or were they?

The toxin mutated their bodies into grotesque looking beings. The scary part about all of this? There were 500 crew members aboard the Delta-Chi 743. All of them are gone, either mutated or killed by their fellow workers who had mutated into killing machines. Oh and that lethal alien lifeform, it’s still out there, or so we think. We only have one piece of video evidence of it existing and that was from when the accident occurred, 175 years ago. Surely, it is dead nothing can survive that long could it?

In the “Ultimate Video Game,” you play as a detective sent out to find out what happened to Delta-Chi 743. Why is the space vessel derelict? Why did Terrasect secretly send scientists along with the space station? Why were they conducting experiments? What were the experiments for? Is the lethal alien still alive? Is Terrasect truly behind all of this? That’s your job as a deep space detective to find out.

Prepare well, stay safe and brace yourself for the horrors that await you at Delta-Chi 743.



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