That Green Dude – February 2019 Overview

The vibes weren’t there

That Green Dude FEB 2019 Overview

February was weird. I’ve been really happy, played some awesome games and have been replaying the Devil May Cry games in anticipation of DMC5. I did my first live stream and it was great. I’ve lost a little bit more weight and I have applied to a TEFL course and if I pass, it’s another qualification to add to my belt.

A TEFL qualification is something that will make landing an English teaching job abroad much easier. As some of you may know I want to live and work in Japan and this would be my first step in achieving that.

When it comes to writing though, the vibes, they weren’t there. I wanted to write and man, I have so many things I want to talk about and discuss with people but nothing gelled. I would turn my laptop on, load up WordPress and my mind would just go blank.

It’s weird but I felt similar to this in January and I thought I’d just power through it. I do however feel more motivated to write now and the vibes whilst aren’t all fully connected, some thankfully are. I want to present a list of what I want to write but I don’t want to just in case I go back to feeling how I was at the beginning of February.

My apologies to everyone who reads my content, I’ll try to post more this month.


What I wrote in February 2019

Despite feeling off, I did write a few blog posts in February. Here is what I wrote:


My next stream

la noire screen

My first live stream went well and I learned a bit on how to run a stream which is really helpful. I want to do another live stream and it will be on March 10 which is a Sunday. I will be playing one of my favourite games, L.A. Noire. I don’t know which set of cases to do, I’m torn between Traffic and Homicide. Let me know in the comments below which one you want to see me play.


And that’s it, folks! I hope my desire to write comes back in full force soon.

What was February 2019 like for you? Let me know in the comments below and have a great March!


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