Y’know We Need? A new blog series

During my friend Casey’s live streams, I like to have a laugh in the comments and one particular stream I said “Y’know what we need”, followed by some cool and/ or funny stuff. This started to become a consistent thing where I would say “Y’know what we need” followed by something that would make the chat laugh or discuss what I just said.

The most consistent thing I’ve been saying/ trying to push is Y’know what we need? Brown toilet paper. Don’t ask why I said this, I have no goddamn idea but I ran with it and I still am. Maybe it’s the stupid side of me (more than likely it is) that thinks that this not just hilarious but also a brilliant idea. I will go into more detail about Brown Toilet Paper™ in a post in this new blog post series.


The idea with these is to do one at least every two weeks. If I have a sudden burst of creativity (and utter stupidity) then there could be one every week. There’s no word limit for these posts, they can be short or so long that it could pass as a short novel. The goal of these is to start a discussion on some cool stuff and to make you laugh.

Here are a few of the things I have planned for the Y’know what we need series:

  • Brown Toilet Paper
  • A new Space Harrier game that plays like Vanquish
  • A Tekken and/ or Virtua Fighter beat em up similar to Yakuza
  • An Assassin’s Creed game set in World War II
  • A Bethesda Games Studio style RPG set in Middle-earth
  • Stainless steel underwear
  • Orange Pepsi
  • A Danger Mouse platformer

I think it’s safe to say, expect some cool and weird stuff on my blog in the future.

2 thoughts on “Y’know We Need? A new blog series

  1. I for one cannot wait to hear about what the merits of orange Pepsi would be. And I’ve seen brown toilet paper in some terrible public toilets in the past, it was a bit like grease-proof paper! Now, brown toilet paper that is also luxurious, you might be onto something there…

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