Soul Calibur 2 – Official Strategy Guide Showcase

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a picture of a strategy guide he found in a charity shop. That guide was about Soul Calibur II and it surprised me as I never knew this existed. I asked my friend to buy it for me and then I’ll give him the money for it when I saw again. A few days later I bought the book off my friend and it was in possession. I was the happy and owner of the official guide for Soul Calibur II and it only cost me £4.

As I said, I never knew this existed but I am glad it does. I spent around an hour and a half to 2 hours reading the guide and going through each page, looking at pretty much everything it offers. Now I know there is a guide for Soul Calibur II I do wonder if there is one for Tekken Tag Tournament. If there is such a thing that exists I WILL obtain it.

Now onto showing the guide off. It’s a damn good book and a must-have for die-hard Soul Calibur fans.


Front, back and side of the official guide


The contents page and story summary


The basics

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Fighting School

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Weapon Master

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An advertisement for other official guides



Move list

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The end of the official guide


That is the official guide for Soul Calibur II. I didn’t take pictures of each page otherwise this piece would be half a mile long. Not all of the characters in the game are shown in the characters section of this article.


What do you think of the Soul Calibur II official strategy guide? Do you have any guides for other fighting games? Let me know in the comments below.

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