Far Cry 5 Sreenshot Showcase

I recently played through Far Cry 5 and I had a blast with it. Its gameplay was fun and its main antagonist was genuinely captivating. The ending is something got me thinking and theorizing which is a good thing in my opinion. Since I completed Far Cry 5 I can’t get the ending out of my head.

Another I want to mention about Far Cry 5 is how beautiful it looks. I’ve compiled a bunch of screenshots for people to look at, so people can see just how gorgeous Far Cry 5 is. Here are the screenshots!



Far Cry® 5_20200409175736

Far Cry® 5_20200409022329


Cheeseburger the bear

Far Cry® 5_20200422023628



Scenery and Locations

Far Cry® 5_20200409175352

Far Cry® 5_20200418213717

Far Cry® 5_20200409192706

Far Cry® 5_20200409195036

Far Cry® 5_20200409195045

Far Cry® 5_20200418192047

Far Cry® 5_20200418201606

Far Cry® 5_20200418221654

Far Cry® 5_20200419012342

Far Cry® 5_20200420181746

Far Cry® 5_20200421235656

Far Cry® 5_20200422024247

Far Cry® 5_20200420200727

Far Cry® 5_20200419011546

Far Cry® 5_20200420200938


Do you think Far Cry 5 is a good looking game? Let me know in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Far Cry 5 Sreenshot Showcase

  1. Far Cry 5 sure is pretty. I never finished it because I couldn’t stomach playing it with a controller, but I do miss taking in the views and taking badass screenshots, like yours.

    Great job dude.

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