Far Cry 5 DLC Screenshots

Continuing on from my previous Far Cry5 screenshot showcase, I bring even more awesome look pictures for you to look at. The last batch of screenshots was from the main campaign, this collection is from the DLC.

The screenshots in this article are from the DLC, Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars. I did not take any from the zombie DLC as there weren’t many opportunities to take awesome screenshots in that one in my opinion.

Hours of Darkness is set in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and your objective is to get rescue your captured squad members and get to the escape point. Lost on Mars sees Nick Rye (a character from the main campaign) get abducted by “aliens” and has to help Hurk (a character Far Cry fans are familiar with) get his body back and stop the alien arachnids from invading Earth. I enjoyed both of these DLCs a fair bit but I wish that Hours of Darkness was longer.

Enough of me rambling, here are the screenshots from the Far Cry 5 DLC.


Hours of Darkness Screenshots

Far Cry® 5_20200425153459Far Cry® 5_20200425154434Far Cry® 5_20200425160003Far Cry® 5_20200425161459Far Cry® 5_20200425161841Far Cry® 5_20200425162012Far Cry® 5_20200425162756Far Cry® 5_20200425162925Far Cry® 5_20200425164329Far Cry® 5_20200425164514Far Cry® 5_20200425165311Far Cry® 5_20200425182146Far Cry® 5_20200425183034


Lost on Mars Screenshots

Far Cry® 5_20200427015957
Hurk’s floating head
Far Cry® 5_20200427020519
An antenna we have to climb
Far Cry® 5_20200427020552
Mars looks like… Mars?
Far Cry® 5_20200427022028
In front of of some serious sci-fi tech
Far Cry® 5_20200427022512
Hey! It’s Brobot
Far Cry® 5_20200427023626
Roaming around Mars
Far Cry® 5_20200427030119
Mars is big, dude.
Far Cry® 5_20200427031051
Far Cry® 5_20200427031058
Far Cry® 5_20200427031707
A secret bunker?
Far Cry® 5_20200427035257
Mars is very dusty.
Far Cry® 5_20200427201109
Far Cry® 5_20200427221931
American flag on Mars?
Far Cry® 5_20200428003435
The sky sure is pretty.
Far Cry® 5_20200428010512
Falls End on Mars. I’m seeing things right?


Did you like the screenshots? Let me know in the comments below. If you want to talk about video games, why not talk to me on Twitter – @ThatGreenDude95

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