Zombie Army 4: Dead War is the best B-movie Game



za4 screen 3

Back in February, Zombie Army 4 released and I had an absolute blast with it. I had a big old smile on my face throughout the entirety of my playthrough. Killing Nazi zombies was a blast and the dialogue from my character made me laugh from time to time. As soon as the credits rolled I knew that just played the best B-movie video game.

Where do I begin? In the campaign we go to a zombie zoo, we see a zombie shark (YES, A FUCKING ZOMBIE SHARK) and we also see zombie Hitler and his 100ft tank. You did read that correctly, zombie Hitler and his 100ft tank which has a shit ton of cannons and eyeballs. Oh yeah, how could I forget that zombie Hitler summons a horde of zombie Hitlers to try and defeat you at the end of the game? How cool does that sound?

I don’t know what drugs the developers were on during the development of Zombie Army 4 but can I have some, please?

za4 screen 5

Yeah, that’s a zombie using a flamethrower. It’s awesome but also freaking terrifying I love it. Usually in video games zombies are just shambling corpses but there have been games like Left 4 Dead which give us new and in my opinion, scary as hell zombie types (Witches in L4D = “Keep calm and carry on”). Zombie Army 4 doesn’t have Boomers or Chargers, instead the game goes fuck it, we’ll give that walking corpse a flamethrower.

There are zombie generals that can raise the dead, suicider zombies (which scare the holy bejeezus out of me on harder difficulties) and zombie snipers just because why not eh? There is a zombie called a screamer which honestly look badass but its best to leave them alone. Oh and there’s a butcher zombie and he has a goddamn buzzsaw.


za4 screen
I SAW you coming from a mile away.

These bastards killed me more than any other zombie in the game. There’s always that one enemy in a game that is your kryptonite and for me, it was the butcher zombies.

Expanding upon the crazy zombie stuff from just a moment ago, have you ever wanted zombie vehicles? Now you can, as zombie planes and zombie tanks are here however, they do want to kill you though. Just when you thought the game couldn’t any better and crazier, they decided to include zombie tanks and planes. Whoever at Rebellion decided to put these in the game deserves a medal and a pint of the best ale in town.


za4 screen 4

B-movies are best enjoyed with the company of friends and the same goes for Zombie Army 4. Whilst it can be played solo (and is still a lot of fun), the game becomes a frantic and extremely enjoyable undead killing experience where memories can be made.

I played the game solo and in 2 player co-op with my dad. Me and my dad play the Sniper Elite games in co-op and we did Zombie Army 4 together and we had a blast. We made some good memories, one moment in particular left me laughing so hard I nearly wet myself. There was a butcher zombie and it was chasing after my dad and he was shouting for help. I finished clearing all of the other zombies but I couldn’t bring myself to take out the butcher. I was having too much fun watching my dad run away from the big boy and his buzzsaw.


za4 screen 6

The game’s campaign is the most B-movie thing I have played in years and I love it but Zombie Army 4’s goodness doesn’t stop there. Dead War also features a horde mode that is fun and very hectic. The early waves are nice and ease you in but as soon as you get to wave 10 it’s all hands on deck and stay alert. One cock-up could be your downfall. Horde mode is immensely fun and that is multiplied when playing in co-op. More zombies and because there’s more players, the confidence increases and so does the risk taking. You start asking “how many waves can we do?”.

The Zombie Army games are a spin-off from the excellent Sniper Elite series and so we have the inclusion of the X-ray Kill Cam (which is in my opinion, one of the best video game mechanics ever made). Whenever you get the X-ray camera it is so incredibly satisfying. I’ve loved the X-ray Kill Cam ever since I played Sniper Elite V2 back in the day and now, many years later it still doesn’t get old.


za4 screen 2

I fell in love with Zombie Army 4, from beginning to end, I had a big beaming smile on my face. The game made unbelievably happy and I cannot thank the wonderful people over at Rebellion enough for making such an awesome and incredibly fun game.

Zombie Army 4 is worth every penny and then some. A truly wonderful game.

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