Let’s Talk About Resident Evil 8 Village

It looks scary as hell

Resident Evil 8: Village was announced at the PS5 Reveal Event and holy mother of Albert Wesker does it look good. Graphically it looks insane and if you found RE7 to be scary well I got some bad news for you, it looks like RE8 is going to be even more terrifying.

The reveal trailer is over in 2 minutes in length and it showed off a fair bit. I haven’t stopped thinking about Resident Evil 8: Village since it was revealed and I have been itching to talk about it. So here I am, ready to talk about Resident Evil 8.


It’s first-person again


I’m alright with RE8 being in first-person, as the previous game was awesome and showed that the long-running series can work from that perspective. Capcom has said that this game will be more action-heavy than RE7 which is a good thing in my opinion. One of RE7’s biggest weaknesses was that there weren’t enough times for me fight, it felt like the combat was a late addition to the game.

I hope that when they say action-heavy they mean it’s more like RE4 than RE6. Resident Evil 4 had a good balance of horror, tension and action. Whereas Resident Evil 6 decided it was time to be a summer action blockbuster.


Ethan is back!

Ethan is back and so is Umbrella. Great, just bloody great.

Ethan from Resident Evil 7 is back and it seems like he can’t catch a break. He went through hell in RE7 and it looks like he’s going to have an even worse time in the upcoming game.

I quite like Ethan, I really liked that he is a relatively new character and not an established one. I hope that in RE8 that he gets fleshed out more, with more personality and background. Resident Evil 7 introduced Ethan but I hope that the next entry is the one that explains more about him, and why he is so damn unlucky.


Village of horrors


Resident Evil 8: Village takes place in a.. well, a village. (WHO SAW THAT COMING?) I can’t be the only one that thinks this gives off heavy Resident Evil 4 vibes. The trailer shows that this village is straight up out of a horror film. The village itself looks like a maze that will be easy to get lost in but that also means that terrifying shit could be waiting around each corner. The villagers don’t look too welcoming either which is to be expected I guess, this is Resident Evil after all.

There’s also a castle, giving off more RE4 vibes. The castle looks massive and it may be where the ladies or witches, as I’ve seen some people call them reside. They wear old-style dresses, Victorian-era/ turn of the century fashion style. The witches look cool but at the same time, I want to avoid them because I don’t think they are friendly.


It looks as though the game is set in a Romanian village as a developer video showed off the inventory system which again, looks an awful lot like RE4. The top right corner showed off the game’s money (maybe the merchant is back?) and that currency is from Romania.

If the game is indeed set in Romania, then my god does Capcom have a goldmine of folklore to work with. We could be in for some seriously creepy shit in Resident Evil 8.





Zombies are cool. BOWs are freakish but are also cool. Crimson Heads can go to the pits of hell though. Resident Evil 8 has beast-like men, they might even be werewolves. Either way, they look absolutely terrifying and they will more than likely be tough as hell to kill. Crimson Heads are cool because they are so deadly but they can piss off as well because they terrify the bejeezus out of me. These beast men could join the ranks of the Crimson Heads in being awesome enemies horror wise, but a nightmare to look at and fight.


Chris Redfield returns


Chris Redfield is back and OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE CHRIS? Chris shows up at the end of the trailer and shoots Mia several times. No hesitation, he straights up shoots her. Why? This is isn’t the Chris Redfield we all know, is he being controlled by someone? Is he after someone and doing this is the only way he’ll get to that person? The Chris Redfield that fans of the series know and love would never do anything like this so there has to be a reason.



Resident Evil 8 looks scary as hell and I am already strapped in for the ride. Capcom, you already have my money. Take me to the village so I get the living daylights scared out of me.

What did you think of the reveal trailer for Resident Evil 8: Village? Are you excited about it? Let me know in the comments below.

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