Gran Turismo Sport – Car Photography #3

Good looking cars!

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704050304
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704050304

It’s time for some more car photos from Gran Turismo Sport. This is a series of posts I do to show off the many vehicles of GT Sport in a variety of locations, by using the game’s Scapes mode. We are apparently getting more information on Gran Turismo 7 soon, hopefully about when it launches. If we get a release date for GT7 then I will do two more of these posts for Gran Turismo Sport, with the last one releasing the day before GT7 launches.

You’re here for car photos, so that’s what you’re going to get. Here are the car photos.


Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704050149
Nissan GTR in Midgar?
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704050225
Tokyo Big Sight!
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704050304
Three legendary Japanese cars.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704050333
The three legendary Japanese cars racing around a factory.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704050356
Lexus Trio.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704050424
Mercedes McClaren SLR looking good.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704050506
Toyota AE86.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704050613
On holiday.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704050719
Picking up the view.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704051237
The latest Toyota Supra looking beautiful.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705014844
The Nissan 180SX says hi.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705014339
Observing the muscle.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705013212
A gorgeous Lamborghini.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705015245
So white. So shiny.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705013806
Autumn Skyline.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705022019
The latest Honda NSX is a thing a of beauty.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705021252
The DeTomasso Pantera.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705020726
Showing off the muscle.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705015920
The Toyota Super Formula.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705021529
The Maserati Gran Turismo.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705015610
The Porsche 911 GT3.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705020325
The McClaren MP4.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200705021014
The Ferrari 458 Italia.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20200704050537
Three incredible Japanese cars in the tunnels under Tokyo.



That’s all of the photos. Did you like them? Let me know in the comments below which one is your favourite.

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6 thoughts on “Gran Turismo Sport – Car Photography #3

    1. Photo modes for games are great. I love that more games are including them. GT Sport has one of the most in depth photo modes out there. It’s incredible. Gran Turismo 7 will feature the photo mode as well and I can’t wait to see how good the cars look in that game.

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