Details About The Book I Am Writing

In a recent post I mentioned that I was writing a book. I was surprised and a bit overwhelmed by the response. People seem to be genuinely interested in my book which is amazing and is such a morale boost. So I want to say thanks to everyone that has shown an interest in my book.


Details about my book –

The Mob (Working Title)

• Timeframe of Story – 1950 – 1965
• The story ‘may or may not’ be completed in one book.
• Fictional
• Genre – Gangster Crime Thriller
• Inspired by Mario Puzo’s The Godfather and the video games Mafia and Mafia 2.
• Setting – United States of America, Miami, Florida. Miami will be the main setting but the story will feature other American cities.
• Ending for the story has already been decided. I think it may surprise people.
• Name of main character/ protagonist – Dante Fierro: A 21-year-old Italian American who left the city to focus on his dream of becoming a boxer. After a traumatic event he heads back home, where a new life awaits him.
• There will be character bios for each character that has an impact on the story. This is to let the reader know more about the characters. I think it will make the characters in my book not to feel two-dimensional.
• The story will have violent moments. The violence will be explained in detail.
• Strong tones of family and respect.


My book is far from finished and things are subject to change. I don’t know how long it will take for me to finish the book; I’m trying to come up with a schedule that will allow me to do everything I do already but have adequate time to write my book.

I will say though, this won’t take as long as it does G.R.R Martin to write a book. Maybe, it won’t I’m only joking.


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