That Green Dude – March 2018 Overview

Also what to expect on That Green Dude in April


March was a good month for That Green Dude. My stats have improved once again and March was my best month for views, visitors, likes and comments. A big thanks to everyone that read my content in March, you are awesome.

March was an okay month outside of writing on here. It was a normal month until my nan went into hospital. She was in hospital for just under two weeks and it scared me and my family. Thankfully my nan is alright and is back to her normal self again. My nan going in hospital was one of the reasons why I didn’t write as much as I wanted to.

I wrote several pieces for my site during March, here are some of my favourites –

My latest Retro Review is of the Sega lightgun game Virtua Cop: Elite Edition. I had tonnes of fun playing the game and I had just as much fun writing the review.

I reviewed Dynasty Warriors 9, the latest entry in the long-running action series. Dynasty Warriors 9 was one of my most anticipated titles of 2018.

I played the Hokuto Ga Gotoku demo, so I decided to write about my time with it. It’s essentially Yakuza (one of my favourite video game franchises) and Fist of the North Star (my favourite anime and manga) mashed together. I’m convinced Sega have infiltrated my dreams.

I released my first video game poem and it was about Kingdom Hearts. I enjoyed doing this and I want to do more in the future. I also want to thank everyone that has read my poem and thank you for the wonderful response to it.

I showed off more video game merchandise, this time around I showed off some Resistance 2 merchandise. It’s an obscure item and it was nice to write about the game Resistance 2. If you have a PS3, go play the Resistance games, they’re pretty good.



Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory_20180213015734

I would’ve liked to have reviewed Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory in March but I never got around to doing it. It’s just as well really, as I played it again about a week and a half ago and discovered there’s a post game section. I aim to have the review out by April 17th as that is the day Yakuza 6 releases and I may retreat from the outside world for a couple of days. (I’ve put a post-it note on my wall to remind me when to get the review out by).

YAKUZA 6: The Song of Life Morning Glory

If I complete Yakuza 6: The Song of Life by the end of April (which I should) then I will write a review on it. I might wait until I’ve done the game on Legendary difficulty to do my review of Yakuza 6. In any case you can expect a review of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life sometime in the future.


Retro Reviews

Ratchet_&_Clank logo

The next set of Retro Reviews have been decided and it’s going to be fun revisiting these titles. I will be reviewing Ratchet and Clank (PS2), Ratchet and Clank 2: Locked and Loaded and Ratchet and Clank 3. I haven’t played the original trilogy in years. I’ll be reviewing the versions found in the HD collection that was released on PS3 as it gives me a reason to unlock more trophies.

I don’t know if I will be able to review all three within April but I’ll try my best. There will be at least one Retro Review posted in April.


A Compendium

At the moment this is just an idea and nothing else. I want to make a compendium similar to what The Well-Red Mage did for the Final Fantasy series, something of which I wished to have found sooner as I would have loved to have written about Final Fantasy XV (I’ve put in just shy of 150 hours into FF XV and that’s without my time spent on the DLC).

I want to make a compendium on the Ratchet and Clank series. Why have I chosen Ratchet and Clank? That’s because there are quite a few Ratchet and Clank games that have been released and also because the series is 16 years old this year (good god I feel old). When I decided that the next set of Retro Reviews would be on the original Ratchet and Clank trilogy, an idea popped into my head and the compendium is that idea.

I want to stress that I haven’t decided on whether to do this or not but if I do, I’ll make an announcement.


Book Update


Those interested in the book I am writing, be sure to check my site out in April as I post the first set of character bios.


A Question


The last question I posted on That Green Dude was about cheats and cheat codes. I want to do another one in April and I think it will be an interesting one. There will be differing opinions about this and I am quite looking forward to it. I won’t spoil the question but how I decided upon it, is rather weird.

I went to the city center of where I live and to get there I need to go on a bus (which are usually late). As I was coming home on the bus, I was staring out the window and from a few seats behind me I heard someone say “the Xbox 360 is retro now”. This got me thinking and so I decided that I would create a question and see what people think.

I will post the question next week.


Video Game Wrestling


I enjoyed the video game and wrestling mash-up I did back in January to celebrate the WWE Royal Rumble. The grandest stage of them all is nearly upon us, Wrestlemania. For those that don’t know about Wrestlemania, it is WWE’s biggest event of the year and is their biggest show.

Quite a few people enjoyed the “Video Game Royal Rumble” that I did so, I have decided that I will do something similar to celebrate Wrestlemania. If you enjoy video games and wrestling, be sure to check this out.


Video Game Poetry



My first video game poem was about Kingdom Hearts and the response to it was absolutely wonderful, it has inspired me to make more.

I have decided on my next video game poem and it will be about…

Crash Bandicoot

I think this one will be harder than the previous poem but I am looking forward to writing it. I hope to get this done by the end of April.


That’s it ladies and gentlemen. I hope you enjoyed reading this and the content I posted throughout March. I hope you have had a good March and I hope that you have an awesome April.

Onwards to April!

6 thoughts on “That Green Dude – March 2018 Overview

    1. That was a good piece 👍
      I’ve played every Ratchet and Clank game but the I haven’t played the original three in years.

      That flooding section in Blackwater City was a nightmare when I first played it. However I can do it now without even worrying. That might be because I’ve gotten older and better at games. I don’t know.

      I aim to get a review of the first game by the end of April. If I can get all three done in April, I will but Yakuza 6 is near so I don’t think I could do all three within a month.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Looks like you had a good month. I remember reading your Dynasty Warriors 9 review. Our reviews go in opposite directions on that one :). If you decide to do the Ratchet & Clank thing good luck. I know next to nothing about the series, but I know many people love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve played DW9 since my review and whilst I still think that it’s rough around the edges, I can definitely see the potential for the open world formula in the Warriors franchise.

      Thanks 🙂 I love the Ratchet and Clank series and I want to do a big project for my site and I think that a compedium would do well.

      Liked by 1 person

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