6 Characters I Want To See In Soul Calibur VI

Does your soul still burn?

Image Source: Bandai Namco

After several years, Soul Calibur VI is finally releasing later this year. Since its announcements we have had a steady flow of character reveals. Some characters have returned like Taki and Zasalamel and there have been new characters like Groh and the guest character, Geralt of Rivia.

The latest character that got revealed was the iconic Yoshimitsu who got a really cool redesign. There are more characters still to be revealed but who will they be? Will they be returning characters or will they be brand new fighters making their debut?

There are several members of the old guard that have yet to be announced for Soul Calibur VI and there are bets on who will be revealed next. There are many characters I would like to see in the next entry of Soul Calibur. So here are six characters I would like to see in Soul Calibur.


6. Voldo

Image Source: Wikipedia

It wouldn’t be Soul Calibur if everyone’s favourite creepy and weird contortionist wasn’t included in the roster. Voldo is a staple of the Soul Calibur series and many fans love and hate him. Fans love his design, his unique fighting and how outlandish he is. People hate how unpredictable Voldo is to go against and how creepy he is.

I like Voldo and I am looking forward to seeing his wacky design as he has some of the more “out there” costumes.

Voldo in Soul Calibur VI is pretty much a dead cert and I would say to expect him to be revealed at either E3 or EVO. Voldo could very well be the next character reveal.


5. Lizardman

Lizardman Soul Calibur V - 122
Image Source: Soul Calibur Wiki

I like lizards, they are cool and interesting creatures. So when you combine a lizard with a man and then give him weapons, it’s a guarantee that I will play as him.

Lizardman is a cool character and he plays very well. He has had a few weapon changes over the years from a sword and shield to an axe and shield and then his latest weapon set was dual axes. If Lizardman is in Soul Calibur VI, I wonder which weapon set he will have. Will it be one he has already or a completely new one?

Lizardman is a popular character in the Soul Calibur series and I think he will be in Soul Calibur VI.


4. Talim

Image Source: Soul Calibur Wiki

Talim is a character that I liked the design of and I like her weapon and move set but I didn’t put in the time needed to learn her. I know I could go back to previous Soul Calibur games and practice with her there but it would be convenient if I could practice her alongside playing my main characters in the latest instalment.

Talim uses dual tonfa blades and very quick. Tonfas aren’t massive weapons so her attacks are close range and fast which can overwhelm the opponent. Talim also has a good combo game and can dish out some decent damage.

Ever since Soul Calibur VI was announced, I have seen people online in the comments of YouTube videos and Twitter asking for Talim to be in Soul Calibur VI? Will Talim make the cut? I hope she does but I am not getting my hopes up as she was not present in Soul Calibur V.


3. Seong Mi-na

Image Source: Soul Calibur Wiki

I like Seong Mi-na, she is like a female Kilik but not as quick. What I mean by “female Kilik” is that she has pole weapon and has long-range similar to Kilik’s Kali-Yuga. Kilik is one of my main characters so I got the hang of Seong Mi-na pretty quickly.

Seong Mi-na uses a uses a naginata and as stated before she has long-range. Her long range attacks can do some big damage and can keep the opponent from getting too close. Seong Mi-na isn’t just capable at long range, she is also pretty decent at mid-range.

I would like to see Seong Mi-Na in Soul Calibur VI but I have a feeling she won’t be a part of the roster. Seong Mi-Na wasn’t in Soul Calibur V and she isn’t one of the most popular characters in the series.


2. Raphael

Image Source: Soul Calibur Wiki


One character I am surprised to see that hasn’t been announced yet, is the fencer or as several of my friends call him “Mr Pokey”. Raphael made his debut in Soul Calibur II and has been a favourite of mine and many others since.

Raphael uses a rapier and the majority of his attacks involve thrusting and slashing which is to be expected from someone who uses a rapier. His attacks don’t deal much damage on their own but he can do many combos which can really hurt the opponent. Combos are easy to do with Raphael and they are fast which puts pressure on the opponent.

Raphael has been in every numbered Soul Calibur game since the second entry and I believe that he has a good chance of being announced for Soul Calibur VI. I would like to see him return as his moveset is unique. Him not being present in Soul Calibur would, in all honesty, feel rather weird.


1. Maxi

Image Source: Soul Calibur Wiki

My man Maxi NEEDS to be in. Maxi is one of my main characters that I use in Soul Calibur alongside Kilik and Siegfried.

Maxi’s weapon of choice are nunchaku which are one of my favourite weapons. His moveset is close range and very quick  as he combines his nunchaku attacks with fast kicks. Maxi is able to pull of long and damaging combos very quickly thanks to his moveset.

When Maxi gets revealed for Soul Calibur VI, all of my mains will be in the game and that will make me very happy. I’m certain that Maxi will get revealed as he has been in every Soul Calibur game (except for Soul Blade/ Soul Edge). I hope he is the next character to be announced so that I can stop worrying. Come on Project Soul and Namco, reveal him already.


Who do you want to see in Soul Calibur VI? Are your favourite characters already in the game? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter – @ThatGreenDude95

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