Introducing New Types of Blog Posts

Several days ago I looked at all of the content that I have written for That Green Dude and discovered that most of my work is rather big, containing between 1000 and 2000 words. Writing these large posts whether it reviews, Retro Reviews, previews and whatnot, takes some time to do.

In order for me to post more content every month, I need to start doing smaller pieces and that is what I am going to do. I am going to be writing more smaller pieces like my Video Game Drinks Coasters piece and such but I am also going to be introducing two new types of blog posts.

The two new kinds of posts I am making are, Mini-Reviews and Hot Take Friday. I’ll describe these in more detail.




I want to do more reviews and with there being so many games out there and so many games that I am playing, I won’t be able to provide my normal kind of reviews for every game.

To make reviewing more games possible, I am introducing “Mini-Reviews”, video game reviews that will be less than 1000 words. I have decided that anywhere between 400-800 words, is a good enough length for a smaller review. The word count allows me to be in-depth but to keep the review concise. In my normal reviews I tend to go into way too much detail (can you go into too much detail in a review?) and sometimes I waffle on, the latter I also do in conversation so that probably won’t change.

My first Mini-Review will be Soul Calibur VI (SPOILERS! It’s really bloody good). More games both old and new will be getting the Mini-Review treatment. Other games I am considering, Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition, Shenmue 1 and 2 HD, Spyro Reignited Trilogy and The Lord of the Rings: War in the North.


Hot Take Friday


I have a lot of opinions about video games and other things and I think it will be therapeutic if I write about them. I have some popular opinions and some not-so-popular ones and writing about them will hopefully start some really good conversations, which is the aim of these posts.

I will voice some of my popular opinions and some of my more unpopular opinions to try and achieve some sort of balance. I don’t want people to think that I’m a miserable bastard.

Hot Take Friday posts I have planned

  • Metal Gear Solid V is the Worst Numbered MGS
  • Batman Arkham Knight Made me Hate the Batmobile
  • Resident Evil 6 is NOT a bad Game, it’s Just a bad Resident Evil
  • Final Fantasy XIII is a Good Game, it Just Isn’t a Good Final Fantasy (This one may change as I will be replaying it on my Xbox One)
  • Ridge Racer Type 4 has THE BEST Soundtrack in Video Games

Hot Take Friday posts will be posted on Fridays. I haven’t decided whether to do one a week or one every two weeks, but I’ll see how it goes.


As well as these two kinds of posts I will be continuing with smaller posts like showing off merch, photo/ screenshot showcases and Yu-Gi-Oh cards showcases; to keep a good flow of content being posted to my site.

One of the flaws my blog has is attracting a large audience for a long time. I can get a good amount of views but it isn’t consistent but that is probably because I don’t post every day and my schedule is all over the place. This is one step to improving That Green Dude’s views and overall interactivity with the gaming community. Once these posts are implemented and I have some feedback, I will execute the next phase of improvement, a schedule that I will stick to.


To everyone that has read this, thanks for sticking around. Thank you for visiting That Green Dude and reading my content. You’re all brilliant!

I’ll be continuing to write here for the foreseeable future, I ain’t going anywhere.

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