There and Back Again, A Chaos Legion Story

Here’s a cool little story about a game I have called Chaos Legion.

Several years ago (15 years to be exact) I played a demo of a game that played similarly to Devil May Cry. With me already being a fan of DMC, Chaos Legion clicked with me almost instantly.

After playing the demo countless times, I pestered my dad daily to get it and eventually he caved. I had the game on one condition, that being he wanted to play it as well.

I liked Chaos Legion quite a bit, sure it was rough around the edges and wasn’t as fluid as Devil May Cry but it was incredibly fun to play. My dad likes the game as well but we both agree that whilst Chaos Legion is good, Devil May Cry is better.

The game stayed with me until I was a teenager when I, unfortunately, had to sell it in order to buy a brand new game. For a couple of years, my family struggled moneywise (we are much better off now).

When I was about 15 I started to keep my games and collect them instead of selling them. It felt nice (and still does) to have a library of games that I can look at and physically hold. Since then I have amassed quite the collection and have been slowly building up my PS2 catalogue.

About 2 years ago when I was still at university, I had a day off and I thought I would have a walk in town and have a look in the shops, especially charity shops as you can find some insane bargains in them.

I looked around several charity stores and in one I found quite a number of PS2 games. A lot of these were sports games of which I have no interest in but, I did come across a few cool finds. I bought Dynasty Warriors 2 and Alter Echo for 50 pence each, an absolute steal.

I was about to take those two games to the counter until I saw a very familiar front cover, Chaos Legion. I couldn’t believe it, I found this game at a local charity shop and for £1. Without hesitation, I picked it up and took it to the counter.

I was very happy that not only did I buy 3 awesome PS2 games but also because I bought Chaos Legion. Walking back home, memories of me playing the game came flooding back.

See that mark next to the PlayStation logo, that was there when I bought it many years ago.


When I got back home I put Chaos Legion in my PS2 and I noticed something, there was an odd mark on the front cover. When I noticed this, it clicked, I just bought my old copy of Chaos Legion that I sold several years earlier.


The disc was still in good condition after all those years.


I couldn’t believe it at first but checking it again and it was indeed the copy of the game I sold. I would love to know who had the game before I bought it, to see if they liked it and also to thank them for taking good care of it (the disc was still in good condition).

There and back again, A Chaos Legion Story. What a journey this game has been on.


Last year  I wrote a small piece about Chaos Legion, why not check it out?

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