That Green Dude – 2018 Year in Review

2018 was a brilliant year for That Green Dude

2018 is over and it has been such a weird year. My blog ‘That Green Dude’ grew a lot in 2018 as it more than tripled in views, visitors and overall community interaction. I hit several milestones last year thanks to my blog’s growth, which now means that I have got to come up with some new ones to reach.

As mentioned before there’s been an overall increase in community interaction and that’s with both the blogging and gaming communities. I’ve met some fantastic bloggers who create awesome content. I love the sense of togetherness the blogging community has, everyone, is really friendly and supportive. Every blogger I have spoken too has been really cool and we have had some good conversations and all of them are now good friends.


My stats in 2017:

blog 2017 stats

I started blogging in January 2017 but I didn’t start taking it seriously until September/ October of that year. I started to put more effort into my blog and went all in with it around December 2017 and that’s when my stats rose dramatically.


My stats in 2018:

blog 2018 stats

Look at my stats for 2018 compared to 2017, it’s a huge increase in growth and I’m proud of it. It may not be super big, but the fact that over 5000 people took time out of their day to read my content is amazing and this pushes me to keep blogging. I started 2018 with 28 WordPress followers and now I have 167 and that number is only going to grow.

My most viewed piece is ‘6 Things I Want To See In Virtua Fighter 6‘. I talked about it on Twitter in early 2018 that it got over 1000 unique views. I don’t know if it got shared on the Virtua Fighter reddit but I am very thankful to everyone who has read it. It’s nice to see Virtua Fighter getting some love.

That Green Dude is also worldwide as people from all over the world read my content.

stats 2018 countries
That Green Dude is taking all over the world!


My favourite posts that I wrote in 2018:


My plans for 2019:

I have many plans for 2019 for my blog and life in general. For my blog, I want to grow and expand it over the course of the year and hopefully double the stats that I got in 2018.


Write about things other than gaming

I want to write about other things such as films and wrestling on a more frequent basis. I love films, wrestling and a load of other things and I want to write about them, especially wrestling. I think I might start off by reviewing old WWE pay-per-views and my writing about my favourite wrestlers.

That Green Dude will still primarily be about video games but I want to have more variety on my site. Let me know what you think about this?


Live streaming

I have mentioned before that I want to do live streaming but this year I want to make that a reality. I will be streaming via my PS4 to start off with until I can afford a decent set-up and computer to get things properly off the ground. I will be streaming a variety of games from RPGs, beat em ups, racing, survival horror and more. I want to do my first live stream by the end of February.

I will post details about the live stream at a future date on my Twitter.


More collaboration projects

The response to my Resident Evil Memories collab project has been wonderful and has been a good learning experience. I definitely want to do more projects like the one I have going on now in the future.


New banner and logo

I’ve had the same banner and logo now for two years and I think it’s time for a new coat of paint. I haven’t decided on the design yet but it’s happening.


A brighter future and a better life

I had to put a Saints Row 2 reference in here somewhere, haha. Seriously though, 2019 is looking bright and already, things are in motion that will hopefully come to fruition.

2018 was a rather mixed year for me. My health was the worst it has ever been and I had my first sort of ‘nervous’ breakdown. The breakdown I had in July 2018 was honestly one of the scariest things I have ever experienced. In a weird way, I feel better off for it though because I always look for the positive in everything. I see what happened then as some kind of learning experience, I feel stronger.

2019 is looking good and I think this year is going to be the year where I make some big steps in achieving my dreams and goals. I’m starting my diet and exercise routine again as I put on a little bit of weight in 2018, I want to lose what I gained and more by June of this year.

I suffered several setbacks in achieving my dreams in 2018 which hurt me, I ain’t going to lie. However, those setbacks have made me more determined and focused than ever before in getting to where I want to be.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams, without them we would have no direction in life and nothing to work to. Dreams are precious and with hard work and patience, we can all achieve them.


That’s my 2018 year in review. What was 2018 like for you? Is 2019 looking bright for you? Let me know in the comments below.


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