Let’s Talk About the Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

HOLY… and then my jaw dropped.

That was what happened after I saw the secret movie for Kingdom Hearts 3. I couldn’t believe what I just saw.



kh3 secret movie screen

Sora and Riku wake up in a very different world to any we have seen them in before. It’s a very realistic looking world and it turns out to be Shibuya. The music changes to something that is very familiar to those who have played Final Fantasy XV and have followed it since its Versus XIII days. The song Somnus plays, albeit a different version of it but it is still identifiable.

We then see Yozora, the character we see from the Verum Rex video in the Toy Story world. He sits on top of a building looking a lot like Noctis. Then we see a man in the infamous black “Organisation” coat and he makes a heart with his hands and the moon is behind. Then like every other secret movie in the Kingdom Hearts series the words “Reconnect Kingdom Hearts”


What does the secret movie mean for the future of Kingdom Hearts?

It’s hard to say at this point but much like Kingdom Hearts 2’s secret movie, it has got people talking, it has the Kingdom Hearts community abuzz with what the future of the series could possibly be.

Could the next Kingdom Hearts go for a more realistic approach when it comes to settings? Could it be going all in with original material? Or could the next Kingdom Hearts game have ideas that were going to be present in Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura was in charge of Versus XIII before it got changed into FFXV.

I don’t think it’s exactly out the realms of possibility that Nomura could implement some ideas from Versus XIII, just look at the Verum Rex video. The amount of subtle nods to Versus XIII surely isn’t just pure coincidence. Anyone who has followed that game and FFXV will instantly see the similarities when it comes to character design.

We know Nomura was disappointed that he was taken off from Versus XIII (FFXV), so could it be his way of getting back at Square for taking him off the project? Could he be making Kingdom Hearts 4: Verum Rex Versus (I don’t know but names yeah). Or is this Nomura’s way of hinting that the spirit of Versus XIII isn’t dead and making a completely brand new game using elements from it?


Exciting times

The best thing about this secret ending is that has got the Kingdom Hearts community talking and theorizing what the future of the series could be. The amount of absolutely crazy ideas that have come out from this is incredible.

I do think that the next game will definitely have some ideas Nomura was going to use in Versus XIII. The subtle nods in the Verum Rex video, the character designs in it and the decision to use Somnus in the secret movie, there has to be some connection between Nomura’s two projects. It leads me to believe that if Nomura can’t do Final Fantasy Versus XIII, then he’ll put it in Kingdom Hearts and that could end up being a brilliant thing.

Whatever Nomura and the team decide to do next I think Kingdom Hearts fans can agree on one thing, we live in very exciting times. I was hysterical for Kingdom Hearts when the third game was released and now somehow, they have got me more eager for the series than I was before. Good job Square Enix. Now don’t take 10 plus years to release another mainline entry into the Kingdom Hearts series, please?

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