Monsters Inc Scare Island Limited Edition – Unboxing

Pure nostalgia




Earlier this week I decided to buy a couple of games and one of them was a game that I played a lot of when I was a kid, Monsters Inc Scare Island. I love that game and I played it to death but I had the PS1 version.

I knew that the game was also released on the PlayStation 2 but what I didn’t know, was that there was a limited edition of Scare Island. Limited Editions have always been a thing for video games, even more so nowadays. Scare Island having a limited edition though?

This surprised and baffled me because Monsters Inc Scare Island is pretty much movie tie-in game. Movie tie-in games rarely have limited editions or collector editions so this is an odd case. I don’t understand how this limited edition came to be but I’m grateful that it’s real and also rather cool.

Also, I have to mention how much I spent on this and it was (drumroll), £2. Yeah, you read that right. I got this rather obscure limited edition for £2 which I think is an absolute steal.

Here is the Monsters Inc Scare Island Limited Edition. (Click on the images for an enlarged version.)


Front and back of the case


Sides of the case




Front and back of the inside case


Inside the case (with and without the disc and other materials


Front and inside of the instruction manual


A cool limited edition booklet/ leaflet


Post Cards/ Lithographs


I think that this is a rather cool limited edition and for £2 it was a bargain. I’d love to know how this limited came to be and how much it was when it originally launched. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go on a nostalgia trip to Scare Island.

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