GT Sport – Car Photography #1

A few weeks ago I bought Gran Turismo Sport, a racing game I have had my eye on for a while. After looking at all the updates that the game has received, I had to get it especially at the price of £15.

I’ve always liked the Gran Turismo series, I think they are fantastic racing games and GT Sport is no different. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the game doing the Career/ Campaign and challenging for different trophies in the GT League mode. One feature of the game I have fallen in love with is Scapes, the game’s photo mode.

Scapes is one of the most in-depth photo modes I have ever messed around with. You can place in-game models of the cars into real photos and because the cars look so good, they look almost real in the finished photos. There are several other things that impress me with scapes; the rain pictures which allow you to put a car into a picture and raindrops will be applied to the car. It looks incredible. The overall quality of the location shots themselves are stunning, they must have been taken with a 4K camera. You can make cars look as though they are moving in the photo which is brilliant.

The Scapes feature of GT Sport is marvellous and I can’t figure out how they have done it so well. I suspect some wizardry has gone on.

Enough of me rambling about GT Sport, you’re here to look at some awesome pictures of cars. I usually bundle together screenshots when I have quite a few but this time around, I am placing them individually. Enjoy the pictures!


Toyota GT86

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191017145418


Dodge Viper in the rain

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191019003212


Dodge Viper with a stunning sunset in the background

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191020012542


A BMW in black and white. (A world in monochrome)

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191021191525


A Nissan GT-R  (Racing spec) in colour

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191023010817


A Nissan GT-R (Racing spec) in black and white

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191023010945


A close up of a Ferrari Dino in the rain

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191017150419


A rear view of the Aston Martin One-77 in the rain

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191019002219


A black and white shot of England with a Mini Cooper and Jaguar E-Type

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191021230121


Ferrari Lineage

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191023013013


Top-down view of some sports cars overlooking the world

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191023011525


Racing in Macau

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191025000521


Two awesome looking sports cars in Macau.

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191025000106


Pontiac Firebird. An iconic car.

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191024234817


Three Japanese sports cars at night

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191021225357


Racing in Shibuya

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191021231209


Street Racing at Nighttime

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191020011215


Nissan Skyline on a helipad in Tokyo

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191020005859


Racing in Chiba

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191021023005


Racing in Chiba with some small visual adjustments

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20191021023036


Do you like the car photos I have taken? I will be taking many more pictures in Gran Turismo Sport because the Scapes mode is phenomenal and is incredibly fun to use. Expect another “Car photography” post in the future.

Which photo do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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